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Patches- Collecting the sparkling remains of the stain glass barrier as a memento, you stuff it into your bag. Mio does you a favour and recalls Kei back into his Pokeball, the Charmander was certainly uneasy in this strange environment, it was probably best that he stay safe inside his Pokeball for now. While you are dawdling around, Mio races ahead, stopping at the door to call out to you. The Pikachu didn't seem to be enjoy the games as much as yourself, she seems much more intent on finding Rika as fast as possible. A grin on your face you race out of the room, Mio follows you closely as you attempt to follow the wet paw prints left behind by the rogue Espeon. The trail leads you up the staircase and eventually you come out on the second level of the building.

Then you see her, Rika is no more than 10 metres in front of you, her eyes are still glistening with energy, she wasn't acting like herself. As soon as you take a step towards her she turns and walks straight through the closed door behind her. Her body seems to simply shift through the solid wood. You rush up to the door and try to go through like Rika, only to crash into it with a thump. Mio looks up at you with a concerned look, it seems things weren't going to be that easy. Rubbing your head, you get a closer look at the door, it seemed to have a pattern marked into it. Not only that, the door seemed to have a lock on it, 4 numbers were needed to unlock it. Rika was on the other side of the door, if you were going to continue playing with her, you would have to get through first.

Medmana- It seems the Petrov's were unfamiliar with your Dewpider, finally something you could be thankful for. As the Pignite comes barrelling towards Bell, the Dewpider lets out a spray of water that drenches the entire arena. The flames surrounding the incoming Pignite hiss as they reduce in intensity. Bell is surprised as a thin pane of energy appears in front of him, courtesy of Gloria's Inkay. Both techniques effectively neuter the Pignite's charge, by the time it slams into Bell it does nothing more than push him backwards. The Pignite snorts angrily, while it's attack was weakened it still benefited from the attack, its speed was now boosted as its body felt more limber. While you have been concentrating on Bell and the Pignite, the Servine has been stalking Gloria's Inkay and has now decided to go on the attack. Its tail glows as it summons a swirling tornado of leaves, a flick in the Inkay's direction sends the barrage towards it. The small squid screeches in pain, the leaves cut its soft skin as they whistle past, Gloria grimaces as she feels her Pokemon's pain.

Having weakened the Pignite's fire power, it was now time to start targeting it. Gloria's Inkay leads the way, the spots on the cephalopod's body light up as it sends a wave of psychic energy towards the Pignite. The Fighting type stumbles backwards as it is forced to endure the attack, which seems to be of quite a high intensity. Before the Pignite can collect itself, Bell lets out a spray of bubbles that pepper the pig's nose. Despite the relatively weak power, the super effective and irritating nature of the attack is enough to get a reaction out of the Pignite, who rubs his hands across his snout, trying to relieve himself of the soapy residue. Seeing its partner drawing all the attention, the Servine releases a burst of grass energy that spreads out through the ground. Suddenly the sand turns fertile as grass sprouts around Bell and Gloria's Inkay, is this what the Petrov's intended? Their intention soon becomes apparent however, as the Pignite sets its sights on the Inkay. It slams its fist into the ground, causing a pillar of fire to erupt beneath Inkay. The pillar quickly increases in diameter, enveloping Inkay as its power is amplified by the Servine's previous attack. As the pillar of flames subsides, Inkay comes into view, the Psychic type is already looking fairly beat up. If not for Bell's Water Sport the damage could have been much worse, something the Inkay was likely thankful for. Then you notice it, the grass the Servine had sprouted was now ignited by the Pignite's fire, creating a field of fire around Bell and Inkay. The flames were slowly singeing them, causing them damage the longer they stayed in contact with them.

"They're as strong as we expected Ami", you can sense the concern in Gloria's voice, "we need to do better, we need to fight back harder." The Petrov's had already shown off their strength, but you couldn't help but feel like they were just getting started.

Sandaa- With both grunts now awake and the Murkrow on the offensive, you knew you had to be more aggressive. The longer this battle played out the more chance your entire mission would be blown. The Mukrow darts in for another strike, letting out a spine tingling chaw as it approaches. It swipes its wing across Buru's chest, the Smeargle groans in pain. A lash of her tail sends a shockwave of electric after the retreating Murkrow. It quickly catches it and leaves the bird convulsing in pain.

Again the Murkrow's rage and desire for payback fuel its power, a dark aura envelops it as it rushes towards the Smeargle once more. Buru sends another Shockwave towards the incoming Murkrow but it doesn't react, even as the electricity courses through its body. Buru is sent crashing into the wall, she struggles back to her feet, the Murkrow wasn't going to get the best of her. With a wave of her brush like tail, a strange energy begins to surround Buru. You feel the temperature increase, the energy solidifies on Buru's chest, what exactly was that move?

Suddenly the Scraggy stirs, its trainer's slapping has finally woken it from its slumber. "About time you lazy little shit! Now go Headbutt that Smeargle!" The Scraggy wriggles out of its trainers grasp, dropping to the ground. It hitches up its pants, holding onto them with both hands as it rushes towards Buru, head lowered. Buru takes a strong stance, as if she was willing to get hit by the attack, what was she thinking! The Scraggy charges head first into the Smeargle's chest, striking the strange solidified plate of energy that had formed over it. The Scraggy had fallen into a trap. As soon as the Scraggy comes into contact with the plate it explodes, letting out a massive blast of fire and smoke which sends it flying backwards. The smoke fills the alley, concealing the grunts and their Pokemon from view.

You now found yourself facing two opponents and Buru was looking rather worse for wear. The sound of the explosion surely wouldn't have gone unnoticed, for all you knew more grunts could be on their way. However the explosion had also provided you with some cover to escape, or perhaps the best course of action was to finish the battle?

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