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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Crimson Sanctum.

Gemini Spark
: Given the situation before you, finding nemo Neemee is paramount in priority to your goals, as you release Silas into the catacombs, the Houndoom almost too fitting within the corridors. Your teammate listens to your orders, and puts his nose to the floor in a sleuth trying to pick up the odour of old rags, as you put it...only for you to realise the problem with asking him to smell out old rags, given your location is practically full of them. The Houndoom nevertheless seems to pick up the smell of something out of the ordinary, though, as you and Silas slowly follow the scent.

The trudge through the catacombs most certainly reminds you of death, and looking at the walls you find occasional coffins and dusty skeletal remains of those who lived within the sanctum centuries ago, but rather than feel youthful and respectful in the catacombs, the air of dread surrounds you and the hellhound. Most likely the legacy tainted by the Shells, but there was little time to dwell upon that as you had a stranger to find.

Silas stops you in your thoughts, however, as the canine reveals the source of what he picked up. A fairly solid wood door older than your grandparents stood before you, ajar, and after a brief moment of listening, you hear no sign of presence within. Pulling open the door, you look in and find the room within to be a storeroom of sorts, with a number of small badges and hats here and there, each one bearing the symbol of a stylised bullet. The badges on closer inspection were bullet casings with a pin attached, literal shells. If you were one for a sneaky disposition, disguising yourself as a Shell wouldn't be difficult, and could allow you to wander more freely, and if the Shells were indeed linked to the Rockets, Silas would only make the illusion more believable.

On the other hand, as Silas nudges you, you could see another door, and on looking within you find this room to be full of all sorts of papers and tomes. If you wanted information on the Shells, this was the place to look. The books themselves seemed to vary in age, from ancient tomes that were probably written by Cofagrigus back when they were human, to modern binders and folders, all in a semi-random pile. Your curiosity is interested when Silas grabs your attention once more with a pull of the leg, as the Houndoom's keen nose detects something coming, and that something most certainly does not smell like old rags.

What's your plan? With the approach, you realistically only have time to get items from one of the rooms before whoever's approaching reaches you. Will you go for the papers, or the disguise?
Unfortunately, the fact that Silas wasn't familiar with Neemee's scent came into play as "old rags" and "old catacombs" smelled almost exactly the same! He was able to pick up something, and Michael followed him all the way to an ancient, wooden door. There didn't seem to be anyone inside, so he opened the door to find badges and hats with bullet-like symbols, likely the apparel of the Shell gang that ran the place. "I could use these as a disguise," Michael mused. "That could help us explore the place without running into too much trouble."

Silas then nuzzled his hand and brought his attention toward a second door which when opened revealed a bunch of different books, all of them of completely different ages from medieval to modern to ancient. This would be a lot of information to peruse through...

"Michael!" Silas let out a soft bark. "Someone's coming! And it's probably not your friend!"
"Tch," the Banette in human disguise hissed. "What do I do? If I'm in disguise, they might take me somewhere, and I get sidetracked again!" With the possible threat approaching, however, his decision was being made for him. "Better than getting caught without it though, I suppose." And with that, he took one of the hats and badges and ran back a ways, giving him some time to put on the disguise so he could look the part in case whoever was on their way there actually was the part. In addition, Silas ran back, ready to defend should the arrival prove hostile in any way, whether it be through Michael's disguise failing in the face of villainous gangsters or provoking a negative response from some other explorer.

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