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Just finished watching this. I've got a lot of things to say later after a second viewing. But for right now, the No.1 thing I've gotta say is ...

Spoiler: show
(from a conversation with Yuki on August 1)


... At least, that's what the series premiere's ending hints at. There's still no confirmation, and plenty of room for me to yet be wrong. But it's lookin' pretty likely that the boys' mother was one part of a trio of adventurers -- Scrooge, Donald, and Della -- and that something happened to her on one of their adventures, resulting in the boys' being adopted by Donald and Donald's falling out with Scrooge.

Will write more soon. For now ... 8/10, quite the enjoyable series premiere but like a lot of modern kid shows (and especially Disney ones) it is super frenetic.
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