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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Raves- As you regain your normal composure, you rattle off what you had learned during your encounter at the bar. Jake absorbs its all, tying in all the information you gathered in order to try and plan the next step. You are left in silence for a minute as he considers the options.

"I guess we might as well stay on the case while it's hot. If they are abusing and torturing Pokemon then we need to put a stop to it immediately. There is an entrance to the catacombs that we keep sectioned off around the corner, they can be useful when you need them, as long as you don't get lost!" Jake gives you a reassuring nod, "you did well, much better intel than what I got, just try not to sample anymore contraband? Alright let's head down into the catacombs and see if we can find a way into their operation.

Jake leads you to what appears to be an unmanned donut stand. He leads you inside, only to open a trapdoor that leads down into the catacombs. He kicks a rope down through the trapdoor and slides down, waiting patiently Bel and yourself to follow. Once the pair of you make it down, he heads off through the narrow tunnels, pulling out a heavy ended flashlight to light the way. You weave your way back through the passages, hoping your heading in the right direction. Just when you get the feeling that you're going around in circles, you all come to a stop as you hear voices nearby. Jake turns off the flashlight and you both peak around the next bend in the tunnel.

A pair of armed guards are standing in front of an old wooden door. The pair seem pretty chummy and are too busy bantering to notice much else. Nethertheless, there was no way of getting through the door with those two there. "We need to clear them off if we have any chance of getting inside. I know the tunnels well enough that I could probably lead them off and lose them before doubling back, that is if you think you could handle whatever is on the other side of that door? Although if you have a better plan, I'm open to suggestions."
Jake's silence and thoughts were not an alien concept to Hephae, as she waited for his response. After all, her line of work often required much waiting around, and when he eventually did respond, it was regarding a section of the catacombs. Almost too convenient that he knew of a way in, she thought. At his contraband quip, she merely rolled her eyes. The liquor wasn't anything spectacular, and the addictive properties didn't faze her too much, given the low quantity consumed, but regardless of the situation it was at least confirmed the substance wasn't poison, otherwise Doug would be very much dead in the water. Tailing Jake, the entrance was disguised as a donut stand, quite conveniently.

"Bel, take the rear," she commanded as the Mawile gave a nod, the woman following Jake down a rope ladder into tunnels. Heading through, she had some suspicions. If psychic pokemon were being abused, the perpetrators would likely be of insectoid or dark origin, either way Bel would have little issues. After some time, Jake turned off his light, as voices could be heard. Looking around a corner, the pair found themselves upon a pair of guards, armed by the looks of things. At Jake's commentary on leading them away, she shook her head, voice in a low whisper.

"Suppose you distract them and lead them away. You claim to know these tunnels well, but what if one of the men pulls a gun on you? Your remains would never be found. Besides, the pair appear distracted, and that leaves them vulnerable to ambush." Procuring two orbs, she beckoned the Mawile back, setting the balls to silent release, the occupants consisting of a yellow mouse with blue highlights and an unusual toadlike creature with a pumpkinlike bulb on the back. The pair looked around a little confused, but the sight of their trainer's cold gaze kept them silent. They were in a stealthy situation.

"Percival, we require your guile. Step into the open, appear lost, and lull the two men into a state of weakness with some fake tears, and allow them to approach you. Should they react with hostility, or seek to raise an alarm, snare them within an electroweb. Spriggan, your role will be to shut the pair of them down. When they get close enough, sedate them with some sleep powder. Once both are down for the count, we can disarm the pair and proceed."

The Minun and Pumpkin Bulbasaur gave silent nods, readying themselves for subterfuge as Bel stood by. If things went south, he would be ready to sucker punch the fools into unconsciousness.
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