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Mio was horrified, her master was as oblivious as usual. While you stood there contemplating how you could use your souvenir pumpkin to aid your situation, Mio sprung into action --- attacking the creature with a play nice and twisting the terrain around her to more of the electric variety before attacking the amalgamation with a thunderbolt. The creature howled in response, it's gaping maw making a horrible cracking noise as it spun towards Mio. It didn't have to try very hard to give Mio a Scary face, causing the Pokemon to sweat even more profusely. As Mio backed up in fear from the scary face, the creature Pursued her --- causing some damage to the poor Pikachu.

Mio then noticed something odd, when her thunderbolt had hit the creature it's flesh began to ripple. Almost as though it was some sort of illusion. As it continued to ripple, Mio noticed that the creature was shrinking --- and what appeared in it's place was a small black fox. A red tuff of hair on the top of it's head and the tips of it's feet. It looked as though that monster was actually a Zorua! It must have been attempting to scare people away from it's habitat by using that horrific illusion. As Mio sighed in relief, the Zorua barked angrily at Patches and herself. It was unhappy to be attacked, and extremely upset that Mio had broken the illusion it worked so hard to create. It hissed at the Pikachu, running towards her and Scratching her face.

Both Pokemon are looking pretty okay at the moment, The Zorua mostly just looks upset and angry. What do you do?
Mio's mouth hangs open as she stares at the small fox in front of her. "Oh how CUTE!!!" Patches has fallen in love with it already. "This is a really good look for you! I mean, you were cute before too but this is extra cute! I hope to someday transform just like you did! I didn't even know people could do that... How freaking cool!" She practically has hearts in her eyes as she imagines herself becoming small, fluffy, and cute. Mio on the other hand, is not one bit impressed. She was scared for her life because this Pokemon had the audacity to purposely make itself look super creepy. They are in some underground cavern and that's scary enough and this Pokemon had to go and make it that much worse. And where the hell was Kiku!?

Mio was fired up, she was going to take this thing down. No one scares her to death and then scratches her face and gets away with it. But suddenly, something extremely unexpected happens. Patches runs over and bends down to get a better look at the human that transformed into a small fluffy Pokemon when suddenly, her bag tilts. Two things tumble out of the bag, the first is a Fire Stone and the second is a pokeball, and upon impact on the ground, the button is pressed causing it to burst open revealing Hana the Eevee. "Oh! Hey Hana!" Patches greets her Pokemon that she wasn't expecting to see. "Ee?" Hana is a little confused and tries to take in her surroundings but suddenly, she steps on something and everything happens so fast that no one can even react. "Pika!?" Mio is shocked. Hana is glowing and transforming in front of everyone's eyes. Once the light finally dissipates, what remains is no longer an Eevee but a Flareon! "Flare!?!!?" Hana squeaks. She is still trying to process what just happened.

"Oh Hana! You can transform too! Can you become a human!?" Patches is pretty unfazed. Mio sighs but accepts that it is what it is. But now, she's also feeling excited. There is not a single Pokemon on their team that loves to battle more than Hana does and in her new form she will be able to annihilate that horrible Pokemon in a flash. "Pika pi pi pika." Mio begins to explain the situation to Hana, letting her know that she's here to fight. The normally shy Pokemon always gets fired up at the thought of a battle so her demeanor instantly changes. Suddenly a smug grin spreads across her face and she looks at the Zorua with a thirst for blood. "Flareon!" Her eyes are shining as she stares down her opponent. She figures she'll start slow. Drag this out a bit. This way she can enjoy this for even longer. She kicks at the ground in order to Attack the Zorua with Sand and then while its blinded she will Tackle it down and blow some Embers in its face. She could hardly contain herself as she pictured it all in her mind, she shivered in delight as she imagined experiencing the real thing.

Hana the Eevee has evolved into Flareon!
Hana's ability changes from Anticipation to Guts
Hana learned Ember and TM Flamethrower

Fizzy Bubbles

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