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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
As you watch over the sleeping Komala, your mind floods with violent fantasies of how you might conquer this trial. Your hand grips at your side, the suit of armor creaking and clunking as you move, but you find that this dream world has not even provided you with a sword. Instead, you call out Abbadon who appears in a flash of light. The Aerodactyl nearly hits his head on the ceiling and lets out a hiss. To complement your knight in shining armor, Abbadon is adorned with a leather saddle which he is attempting to pull off of himself. He turns his anger towards the sleeping Pokemon opening his jaws menacingly. You pull his attention back to you, knowing that letting your Aerodactyl eat this Komala might end in failure of the trial. After directing him to try to rouse the Komala with noise, he positions himself over the canopy bed.

Abbadon lets forth a Supersonic screech, you feel it reverberate in your knight’s helmet. The Komala scrunches up her face and rolls to one side, trying to get away from the noise. Its eyes are still firmly shut, and the little snore it makes lets you know it is definitely still asleep. The log in its arms is suddenly swung forward, and the Komala smacks itself in the face in confusion. Komala then Spins the log around Rapidly, hitting Abbadon in the snout and making him snarl. After the sudden fit, Komala settles back down into the pillow and relaxes.
"Well that was a spectacular f***-up," muttered Hush in annoyance as he tried to calm the belligerent Aerodactyl from devouring Komala after the Rapid Spin assault.

He admittedly didn't have high expectations for that initial approach. In real life the outcome would've been much the same, of course, as Komala's Comatose state was widely considered to be irreversible. Conventional methods for curing Sleep conditions had always proven ineffective, and even less conventional approaches to nullify or replace Komala's unique Ability had never been successful. In short, waking up a Komala was a scientific impossibility. Which meant...

I can't treat this idiot like a Komala. There's a reason I'm in a dream world dressed like a Lancelot cosplayer... that girl wants me to treat the Pokemon like an actual f***ing princess.

It had to be. Forcing any regular Komala to wake up could not be done - much like the curse from that ridiculous "Sleeping Beauty" fairy tale was supposed to be unbreakable. And while there were no known exceptions to the real-life rule that Komala are born and die asleep, there was one documented flaw in the fable's curse. And that had to be what the Trial Captain wanted him to do. It had crossed his mind, admittedly - but now that he thought about it, even though he was the one strapped to this ridiculous metal costume, where did it say Hush had to be the one to kiss the girl?

"Pahaliah, to me."

After recalling Abaddon, Hush summoned his Golett into the room. The automaton scanned his surroundings before turning to his Master, expressionless as always, but with the burning yellow light of his eyes telling Hush he was much more alive than it seemed.

"Long story short: that thing over there is supposed to be a princess and you're supposed to kiss it to make it wake up. Get smoochin'."

After a brief moment of hesitation - no doubt accessing the lengthy database of definitions and procedures he had incorporated from Dominion.exe's data prior to its deletion -, Pahaliah finally compiled all the necessary information and carried out the less-than-elaborate instructions. Bumbling forward, he approached Komala and clumsily leaned forward, gluing his lip-less face to the sleeping Pokemon's. Hush wasn't sure it counted on account of Pahaliah's anatomical limitations, but hopefully the intention would prevail over logic.

Because I sure as hell ain't doing that.
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