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Originally Posted by Myles Fowl II View Post
Yellow's feature of Jessie and James feels forced, even.
That's sort of because it was.

My issue with Giovanni was by the time I'd gotten to the last gym, I'd forgotten who he was. Yes I started in gen 4, but imo the best part about the originals was that there was no story. It was just you wandering around and kicking the shit out of some supposedly tough trainers, and sometimes getting the shit kicked out of you. Team Rocket felt like a sidestory almost, something that was optional, or at least should have been. They weren't overly important. That was the one thing that I genuinely liked about gen 1. Not the crappy region or the terrible gyms, or the rival being the champion, but the fact that you weren't this 'chosen one' who was saving the world. You were just some kid. This is my main gripe with every single story in every pokemon game I've played other than FRLG and HGSS (And Red but it's impossible for me to clear rock tunnel so I may have to glitch to Lavender).

Also don't ask me about music, I'm yet to play a handheld game with the sound on.
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