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"Yeesh," sighed Gemini's larger head as Vanth explained that they fought over just about everything. "That's gotta suck... Isn't there anything you all agree on, I mean, aside from... you know...?" the Weezing trailed off, having referenced how all of Vanth's personalities seemed to be in agreement on the painful nature of the struggle for control.

Peeves followed Liliana into the compartment immediately, almost before she had gestured to him to follow her.

At Keith's words, Coselle kissed him. She bit his lip in the process, causing him a brief moment of discomfort, which swiftly left his mind as he saw the look she was giving him. She ripped his belt off in one motion, but almost immediately, she threw it down on the bed, stating that Keith appeared to have a visitor. Groaning in mild disappointment, Keith got up and put his belt back on, before listening- Marion was at the door, introducing herself to the Pawniard stationed at the entrance. Keith gave Coselle a look which clearly told her that they would pick up where they left off later, then made for the door.

Outside, Ginny was looking at Marion with her usual look of suspicion and mistrust. The Pawniard had never met Marion before, but she seemed to mean no harm. She gave Marion a curt nod, and turned to push the door open, when Keith opened it himself. "Ah, Marion!" Keith said. "Good to see you. I kinda overheard you just now, and yeah, they're here. Showed up not two minutes after I finished getting all the furniture in place. How's that for timing?" he grinned. "Well, anyway, come in, come in," he added, inviting her inside.

Pomona tilted her head slightly as Murmur introduced himself, his anger and sadness still present in his voice as he admitted that he's had better days, and asked how Pomona was. "I'm fine, but..." Pomona replied, a hint of concern in her voice. "What's wrong? Something's wrong, what is it?"

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