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Re: The Arcane Realm - FB Training Zone

Originally Posted by enchantress
Forest of Adventure - Please reply in limegreen

Talon: Noticing you move to block off its direct path to Oddish, Mankey ignores Celes for the time being and glares threateningly at you, its eyes narrowing further and further with each word escaping your lips. Its clear as day after you finish speaking that Mankey has not called your bluff, and this fact more than anything is what has the sweat beading on the side of your face finally begin to trickle down your neck. Mankey simply stares at you for several seconds and you can almost see its mind ticking over as it studies you with an expression not unlike that of a tiger mulling over which piece of its prey it wants to tear apart first. Slowly and deliberately, never taking its eyes off yours, Mankey reaches out and whacks Celes in the head, a sadistic grin spreading across its face as Celes looks up at it, momentarily dumbfounded.

Realising the trouble you're both in, and that she should probably have moved away from the crazy monkey sooner, the expression on Celes' face turns from one of bewilderment to one of determination. Fortunately Mankey doesn't consider her a threat, its gaze still fixed on you with its smug grin becoming wider by the second, when Celes suddenly leaps toward it, ramming it in the gut with a full force tackle attack. Mankey's expression soon changes from smug to shocked, its eyes practically bulging out of its head as it reels backward before coming to a humiliating and painful stop as it skids to a halt on its butt.

Watching Celes' first battle begin to unfold, you hear small whimpering coming from behind you. Oddish is not only in pain from the scratches on its tiny round body, but is now shivering violently, terrified beyond belief as Mankey rises to its feet, its gaze now fixed firmly on the little Chikorita who has stepped in to help defend it against its brutal attacker...

Cyrus cursed to himself under his breath. He hadn't meant to make matters worse for the Oddish. But this was something that had to be done. Better to be scared out of your wits than to be beat up by a vicious creature like Mankey.

"CELES!" Cyrus shouted out to his determined Chikorita. "Don't let your guard down! Try to slow Mankey down with a Leech Seed! Then while he's snared, get him with two more Tackle attacks!" Cyrus remembered Mankey's bulging eyes and added, "Aim for the gut! Got it?"


Cyrus didn't like violence. But if he had to choose between Oddish and Mankey, he was going to choose Mankey. There's a difference between beating up a defenseless creature and punishing a bully. Cyrus believed that strongly. Now he just had to hope -- for Celes' sake -- that Leech Seed would hit its mark. Otherwise, things were going to be as bad as before ...

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