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Re: The Arcane Realm - FB Training Zone

Originally Posted by enchantress
Ancient Tomb - Please reply in gold

Ollie: Quite enthusiastically instructing Alonzo to sting and stab Rattata, he is quite eager to take it upon himself to obey since his foe is more feisty than either of you could have imagined and he feels he has little choice other than to retaliate with vigour equal to that of the purple rat. Taking advantage of Rattata's close proximity, Alonzo flicks his tail about wildly, striking Rattata for heavy damage which only results in infuriating it further. Rattata whips its own tail around, whacking Alonzo in the eyes and causing them to water heavily. Rattata leaps back, panting heavily, yet pleased to see that its opponent is partially blinded from that stinging Tail Whip.

Alonzo is nowhere near ready to give in and with his tail glinting with a metallic sheen he leaps away from the wall and swings around midair. Rattata's eyes practically bulge out of its head because, due to sheer luck alone, Alonzo is right on target. Desperate to evade the attack, but with the wounds it had sustained not allowing it to move fast enough, Rattata can only watch while Alonzo's Iron Tail seems to move in slow motion straight toward it.

The attack collides with brute force right into the side of Rattata's head, the chilling crack causing even Alonzo to shudder as Rattata is thrown across the room before landing in a crumpled heap on the cold sandstone floor. Rattata is KOed. Level up for Alonzo.

Seeing the opportunity you have been waiting for, you immediately toss the Pokball you have been holding, watching while the red capture beam shoots out before sucking Rattata inside. The ball wobbles on the ground once... twice... three times... before the green capture light shines bright with a successful, Ping!" echoing throughout the tiny chamber. Congratulations, you've caught a Lv.6 Male Rattata...

And with Rattata's capture, you've unlocked your rights to the Egg House and are free to leave the Arcane Realm to travel in a mainstream zone of your choice. You've been an absolute pleasure to update, and I'm actually going to miss writing for you :/

Good luck ^-^
[center:4f363]It's been great, I'm so glad to have managed to get so far within a couple of weeks - you know you have all my gratitude, Tess. I'm looking forward to the mainstream zones![/center:4f363]

The small sphere danced frantically between his fingers, and his tongue stroked his bottom lip – subconscious anxiety freezing him in place, enraptured by the waning seconds of the fierce battle. He took wide steps to encircle the ferocious beasts, ensuring the torch was poised to shed as much fiery light on the kafuffle as possible. The culmination of enclosed heat and steady adrenaline formed a rather startling bead of sweat to trickle down his brow, a distraction that provoked Rudo’s confusion and disgruntlement. He wiped it off agitatedly, and proceeded to withdraw an extravagant fan from his burgundy jacket and cool his face and nerves before they got too far, slipping the small Pokeball into the depths of his sleeve.

Meanwhile, Alonso exerted all his effort in defeating the vicious creature that assaulted him, sacrificing no time for recuperation. His tail lashed at the bedraggled body of the rat like a springing cobra, causing its agitation to soar and veil its true vitality. Yet again, he was caught off guard, and a vicious sting hindered his vision as another tail whip countered his own attack. Alonso could only hiss and swing his tail in all directions in a desperate flail while recovering his vision. The rat leapt backwards, maliciously admiring the distress it had induced upon Alonso, confident in having blinded the winged scorpion.

Rudo’s immediate reaction was to aid – to cheat his way towards victory – and attack the rat himself from behind. Though he reclined the poised torch as he spied Alonso’s tail glint in the firelight, and suddenly hang weightily below him as he scaled the walls once again. Rudo grinned enthusiastically, and hopped backwards to survey the effects of Alonso’s first Iron Tail. Then it hit him that Alonso couldn’t even see, and the attack – particularly being his first try at it – could swing in any direction at all. Fearful not only for the wellbeing of his own, rather fragile, body, but also that of the urn’s, Rudo swiveled around and scurried away from the range of his companion’s oncoming attack, yet shielded the urn in front of him as best he could.

A resounding crunch caused Rudo to drop the fan with a faint clatter, and cringe as he did so. Pausing for a few seconds to ascertain that pain did not shoot through some part of his own anatomy, he soon gathered what had just occurred, and he swung back around, flicking his arm and catching the pokeball which flung out from within his sleeve. Sure enough, he was graced with the heartening sight of an unconscious and particularly decrepit Rattata half way across the room from where Alonso now stood, shaking his head violently to rid his eyes of the stinging pain.

Rudo cried in triumph as he enlarged the Pokeball, and let it loose towards the heap across the room. In a flash, the ball encased the rat, and began to quiver gently upon the sandstone ground. Rudo flicked an optimistic glance towards Alonso, who now hopped towards his companion with hesitation, still blinking vigorously. A ping sound bounced from the hard walls, and the ball lay still upon the ground. Rudo yelled with excitement, and bounded over towards the ball,

“Didn’t I tell you, Alonso, that this whole predicament was worth the effort? Now we got ourselves a wonderful new beasty to accompany us on our many escapades!” Alonso merely leapt upon the sandstone wall behind him in reply, and proceeded to swiftly exit the tomb from the way they had entered, sidling across the walls with alarming speed. Rudo’s eyes widened with unease, and he quickly bent over to pluck the ball from its spot, minimize it, and give it a nice new place upon his person - a slot within a gem-void ring. He held it up to the torchlight and admired the new addition to his attire, before he slipped it onto his left hand and swiftly pursued Alonso out of the tomb – voicing his protest all the way.
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