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Re: The Arcane Realm - FB Training Zone

Ancient Tomb - Please reply in gold

Ollie: Quite enthusiastically instructing Alonzo to sting and stab Rattata, he is quite eager to take it upon himself to obey since his foe is more feisty than either of you could have imagined and he feels he has little choice other than to retaliate with vigour equal to that of the purple rat. Taking advantage of Rattata's close proximity, Alonzo flicks his tail about wildly, striking Rattata for heavy damage which only results in infuriating it further. Rattata whips its own tail around, whacking Alonzo in the eyes and causing them to water heavily. Rattata leaps back, panting heavily, yet pleased to see that its opponent is partially blinded from that stinging Tail Whip.

Alonzo is nowhere near ready to give in and with his tail glinting with a metallic sheen he leaps away from the wall and swings around midair. Rattata's eyes practically bulge out of its head because, due to sheer luck alone, Alonzo is right on target. Desperate to evade the attack, but with the wounds it had sustained not allowing it to move fast enough, Rattata can only watch while Alonzo's Iron Tail seems to move in slow motion straight toward it.

The attack collides with brute force right into the side of Rattata's head, the chilling crack causing even Alonzo to shudder as Rattata is thrown across the room before landing in a crumpled heap on the cold sandstone floor. Rattata is KOed. Level up for Alonzo.

Seeing the opportunity you have been waiting for, you immediately toss the Pokéball you have been holding, watching while the red capture beam shoots out before sucking Rattata inside. The ball wobbles on the ground once... twice... three times... before the green capture light shines bright with a successful, Ping!" echoing throughout the tiny chamber. Congratulations, you've caught a Lv.6 Male Rattata...

And with Rattata's capture, you've unlocked your rights to the Egg House and are free to leave the Arcane Realm to travel in a mainstream zone of your choice. You've been an absolute pleasure to update, and I'm actually going to miss writing for you :/

Good luck ^-^
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