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Re: The Arcane Realm - FB Training Zone

Mediville - Please reply in lemonchiffon

Jamil: Yes, you can use a Pokéball here.

Initially shrugging off the encounter between Electrike and Glameow as being the usual canine/feline hostility, you don't think too much of it until Electrike's Thunder Wave sends Glameow hurtling toward the ground like a brick. Shocked by the brutality of the situation you're not about to leave Glameow at Electrike's mercy when it's plain as day Glameow is in no position to defend itself, and immediately release Zubat, instructing him to cause a diversion while you help Glameow. Understanding what is needed of him, Zubat obediently opens his mouth wide and releases a Supersonic, the high pitched noise causing even Glameow to meow loudly as it invades the senses of both Pokémon. Electrike yelps, the pain in its ears making it wish it could dig a hole and bury its head in it to escape the earsplitting sensory invasion. With Electrike utterly distracted, you quickly move in and gently lift the paralyzed Glameow from the ground, covering its ears to help muffle the sound of Zubat's Supersonic, before turning and watching while Electrike attempts to take Zubat down with its Thunder Wave. Luckily Electrike appears too confused to know which direction the sound is coming from, its attack shooting off into the distance and hitting a shop wall instead...
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