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Re: The Arcane Realm - FB Training Zone

Mediville - Please reply in lemonchiffon

Jamil: Walking along the main street of the quaint little farming village of Mediville, you're pleasantly surprised by just how old this town appears to be. Its cobblestone streets and old-style shops are a welcome change to the modern design of most towns and cities you're familiar with, so you take your time to see the sights it has to offer. You're soon distracted though, when you hear some loud hissing and screeching from nearby and turn to look in the direction from which it's coming. Noticing an angry Electrike at the bottom of an old oak tree standing in the middle of the town square, you watch while it barks threateningly at a Glameow who is sitting on a high branch, hissing and meowing vehemently at the furious pup. While you watch, Electrike shoots out a Thunder Wave, the tiny tendrils of electricity striking the frightened kitty and causing its muscles to seize up. Glameow falls the the ground, landing with a rather painful sounding thud, completely at the mercy of Electrike who now appears ready to shred the little blue kitten to pieces...
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