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Re: The Arcane Realm - FB Training Zone

Originally Posted by enchantress
Mediville (Please reply in LemonChiffon)
This well-populated village and its surrounding farmlands contain many low-levelled wild Pokémon suitable for beginning trainers to practice against. Levels are only gained by Pokémon under level 10.
Jamil looked at the distant village as he walked on the broad road leading to Mediville. From the distant it could be seen that the villagers were active; grazing the grasses, collecting berries from the trees, helping each other in various activities and etc. Jamil heard this village was the perfect area for basic training being the habitat of many lower leveled pokemon. He thought whether the villagers would allow chaos created from pokemon battles, but again he wasn't here to only battle pokemons.

This is going to be Jamil's first experience of training his Zubat, his worthy companion. He has never been able to train Zubat in his own land as there are not much lower leveled pokemon. By some expert's suggestion he headed Mediville to train Zubat and also gain knowledge about various pokemons and ofcourse add the wild pokemons' record in his Pokedex. Filling the Pokedex is one of Jamil's prime target throughout his journey, plus he is also looking forward to capture some rare pokemons and show them off to his friends and family.

Thinking various things including plans to capture pokemons Jamil didn't notice that he had neared Mediville. Prepared for everything Jamil slowly walks into the village hoping for positive consequences.
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