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Re: The Arcane Realm - FB Training Zone

Originally Posted by enchantress
Ocean of Mystery - Please reply in deepskyblue

Coordinator: Self updating is a term used when updatees do something going directly against what is written in an update, make up something that isn't mentioned in an update, or take control of a situation or an opponent. While I appreciate you trying to add a little extra something to your reply, nowhere in the update did I mention Treecko being "stuck". Please let me do the updating - it's my job. Also remember that you can order up to three moves per round (attack or defense), which will help the battle to move along a lot faster.

With Psyduck caught up in Saturn's Leer, you see now to be the perfect opportunity to stop the little duck from getting away. Saturn listens intently, never allowing his gaze to leave Psyducks, while you instruct him on what to do next.

Nodding his understanding, Saturn spins his tail like that of a propellor which helps to boost him forward quickly. Making a fist, he Pounds Psyduck square between the eyes knocking it onto its behind. Landing in the water with a small splash, Psyduck is looking rather confused, before its expression slowly changes to one of annoyance followed by one of anger. It's unsure of why it's being attacked and has had enough. Regaining its feet, Psyduck stares Saturn right in the eye before reaching out and swatting him with a Scratch attack.

Well it certainly appears your plan has worked, as you have Psyducks full attention now...
"Shit. Saturn, jump and Leer Psyduck while your still in the air." Aria instructed. Saturn was badly injured and Aria knew he couldn't push him too hard or else something bad might happen to him. Saturn was focused, staring Psyduck right in the gut in a way almost making him look scary. Aria had a tough choice to make, the health of his Pokemon, or the passion for catching his first, and it all wasn't too easy for him to choose. Aria was always empethetic to extremes, sometimes feeling things he never should of, like the emotions of Pokemon. It had always been a problem for him, ceasing him from trying his fullest at times. He cared too much, and this was it, the moment where he knew he had a chance at catching the Psyduck.

However this time, he wasn't going to let it be the same, and so he went on with his plans and commanded for Treecko to attack. "TREECKO!" Saturn gracefully jumped in the air, attempting at a Leer while still in the air, then shortly following it up with a surprise Pound from the back, as they hoped for the best.
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