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Re: The Arcane Realm - FB Training Zone

Originally Posted by enchantress
Forest of Adventure - Please reply in limegreen

Talon: Damn you for being so fast to spot things! *shakes fist* I edited quickly, but not fast enough to evade you :p

Relieved to see that Celes is ok, you toss your Pokéball at Mankey, watching while the red capture beam shoots out before sucking the unconscious monkey inside. It wobbles on the ground once... twice.. three times, before locking with a "PING!". Congratulations, you've caught yourself a Lv.5 Male Mankey.

And with Mankey's capture, you've unlocked your rights to the Egg House and are free to leave the Arcane Realm to travel in a mainstream zone of your choice. Upon replying to your update UPN's Twilight Realm, Serebii's Fizzytopia, and Bulbagarden's Cascadia are available to you, but for the time being you may only choose one to adventure in.

Have fun ^-^
"Celes, you did it! We won! HA HA!" Cyrus crowed. Excitement mixed with astonishment and relief, swirling around inside the boy to produce the huge smile and beads of sweat adorning his face.

"Chika!" Celes panted, forcing a smile. Her body ached. In the words of a human movie actor, Celes felt that she, too, "could use a vacation." But they had done it. Mankey was inside that PokéBall now ... which meant that he was no longer a threat to Oddish. Now ... now he was her problem, Celes mused.

Cyrus turned to Oddish, who was still hopping up and down with excitement. Hearing Oddish's squeals of delight confirmed Cyrus's hope: they had done the right thing.

"Well, Oddish," he said, "I think we'll be on our way." Turning from the jubilant Oddish, Cyrus addressed Celes, picking up her PokéBall from his belt. "You've earned a good rest. As if I would expect you to walk through this forest after all that! Chikorita, return!" Cyrus's only concern now was to get proper medical attention to Chikorita and Mankey as soon as possible. The only problem was ... which way to go?

Out of character: Thanks for all the fun I've had so far with this adventure. ^_^ As you can tell from the reply above, I'm not quite sure if I'm *supposed* to excuse myself from this adventure yet or if I am encouraged to finish out the story. (If it helps, I would prefer to finish the story but am also well-aware of your burdens and that my "leaving the nest" could help alleviate those by +1.) Also, since I am not able to post in Fizzy Bubbles at BMG (for some reason), and since I don't wish to sign up at Serebii, and since the Twilight Zone is (afaik) closed to new members *AND* threatens to kill off one's creatures O_o ... I'm sort of without a home. So ... I'll try to figure something out. ^_^; (If the TR is not closed, then curses to whoever told me it was. )

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