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Re: The Arcane Realm - FB Training Zone

Originally Posted by enchantress
Ocean of Mystery - Please reply in deepskyblue

Coordinator: It's good to see you trying here so I'll cut you a break despite a minor slip up. Keep in mind that you can't have your Pokémon use a follow up attack without knowing if the first one is successful. You can suggest he use it if he's successful with his first set of instructions, but you can't state that he does use it because then you're moving into the gray area known as self updating. Keep up with the strategy though, it's good to see you giving it a shot.

Watching Psyduck head back toward the ocean, your first instinct is to give in, watching helplessly as it enters the water. Something soon clicks in you mind however, and realising you're going to get nowhere if you give in too easily you decide to take matters into your own hands and attempt to stop the duck Pokémon from getting away.

Saturn quickly races for the water performing a somersault and flying over top of Psyduck before landing in the water directly in front of it. Psyduck, too stunned to continue advancing into the open sea, stops dead before a loud "BOO!" startles it again. Too confused to even know what to make of the situation, Psyduck looks from Saturn to you and back to Saturn again before being caught up in Saturn's Leer. Unable to move, it looks like Psyduck could very well be easy prey if you can continue to halt its escape...
"YES! Great job Saturn, this shouldn't be too hard now," Aria explained with a pleasing attitude towards Saturn's success. His shoes were wrecked, deep in the sand, soaked in the water, he knew nothing could save them, but didn't care at the expense of catching a Pokemon. Even so, he was ready to carry out the rest of his plan, and so he gave the lizard a new set of instructions.

"Saturn, I don't think Psyduck's able to move at all, so this has to be our best chance to use Pound, we'll definetely weaken it if we're successful." Aria declared war against Psyduck, and Saturn followed up with the strategy, or at least tried to jump out the water, but couldn't reach Psyduck as it was stuck in the wet-sticky sand. "Treecko..." Saturn let Aria know of the problem. However, Aria thought of a way to resolve it, and so he communicated back to Saturn about it. "Saturn, try using your tail as a propellor to get you out of the water, okay?" "Treecko!" Saturn nodded fully trusting Aria's suggestion flying him out of the water like a jet plane and inches before Psyduck's frozen face.
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