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Round Six
Koi: Looking for a bit of revenge, Esteban brings out the big guns, a giant, sludgy bubble growing in his mouth. As this happens, Barbara looses another Psybeam, directing the move to guarantee a hit. As she takes this moment to do so, however, the Belch bubble reaches its full size and drifts away from Esteban. The bubble makes its way over a bit slowly before bursting - the spray of poison goo goes everywhere, leaving Barbara unable to dodge the slimy onslaught. Barbara looks quite put off by this development, but Esteban isn't done yet, following with an unfriendly Venoshock.

Koi: A bit of an active round leaves Esteban satisfied but a bit tired, and though he got his revenge, he is hanging on by the skin of his teeth - a stiff breeze might take him out. Barbara is now about where Esteban was last round, hovering around critical, but is looking a bit more chipper.
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