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Round Three
Koi: Looking to take advantage of the arena's terrain, Esteban begins to strafe to a nearby rock to take cover. But before he disappears between the hefty boulder, he lays down some Taunts. Barbara is clearly peeved, but isn't about to take the insults lying down. She keeps after Esteban, shuffling around the rock to maintain line-of-sight, and pops off a Psychic wave before Esteban can hide. The hit sends the Koffing for a bit of a loop, allowing Barbara to continue her shuffle into a good range - which might have been a bit of a bad thing for her. Esteban seeks revenge with a splash of Sludge. While Barbara is on the move and the attack only hits partially, it's not exactly the best outcome, as she's left poisoned as a result...

Koi: Barbara has regained a lead, though not as great of one as she might have hoped. It does mean that Esteban is pushing into the lower reaches of his health, and the gas ball is looking a bit tired, though Barbara is looking just a bit more chipper.

Koi: It's suddenly a bit windy in the arena... That's odd.
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