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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Marion Ette: Your new male Gastly stares you in the eye and cackles sadistically, testing to see if you'll stand your ground. Looks like you have a handful there...
Marion smiles at the Gastly's attempt at intimidating her. The look in her eye suggests that she finds the Gastly's behavior delightful as opposed to terrifying. "Trying to frighten me, are you?" Marion chuckles, maintaining eye contact with even more determination than before. "You remind me of my sister... I bet she could even give you some pointers on how to perfect that laugh of yours."

Just as her name is mentioned, a shadowy figure that had been looming outside the window of the Egg House makes itself known, moving through the night air with great haste. As the door bursts open, the dark-haired woman known as Coselle barges into the Egg House, her grey eyes alight with mischief. A wide grin spreads across her face, as she pulls out a Pokeball [4/10] from her pocket. Twirling it on her finger like a tiny basketball, she nods her head toward the Gastly.

"May I?"

Marion turns around, tilting her head somewhat. "Taking a shining to him already, are you? I just said that you two seemed like you would get along-"

"Not for me, no." Coselle smirks, a dark look in her eye. "For a friend."

Marion snickers a bit. "A friend, huh? And you want to give this person such a rare and valuable Pokemon? Must be some friend there, Cosie..."

"You watch your tongue, lit-tle sis-ter," the dark-haired woman hisses, before realizing that she has lapsed into the Banette-style stutter and clasping her hand over her mouth. The Gastly notices this and laughs hysterically. Marion, noting her sister's anger, tries to tone down her amusement (though with only some success).

"Fair enough. I already have my dear Cheshire, so you may take this one for your... 'friend'." Marion gestures quotation marks with her fingers around the word "friend", chuckling afterward. Coselle snorts with indignance, recalling the laughing Gastly in the Pokeball.

"Thank you, Mary," Coselle acknowledges her sister with a mixture of gratitude and annoyance, though her mind seems to be elsewhere. Nodding her head towards the Egg House attendant as a non-verbal "Thanks," she heads out the door, her sinister cackle certainly rivaling the young Gastly's.

Marion turns and gives the Egg House attendant a more thoughtful "Thank you," smiling and humming a little melody as she leaves the Egg House empty-handed.
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