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Myrtle explains to Bedivere that Keith has yet to invest in an oven or stovetop, instead relying on his Weedle's firestream ability to cook. She tries to offer her thunderbolt as a potential source of help, only to have a floating grin materialize in front of her, a burning flame beside it.

"Do not worry, Myrtle. My fire punch ability will allow me to give you a hand..." The disembodied smile chuckles, before materializing into the grinning Cheshire. Bedivere claps his tentacles together, grinning from ear to ear.

"Oh, Sir Cheshire! I had nearly forgotten about your elemental punches. If it is not too much trouble, I would greatly appreciate your help..."

"It is no trouble, Bedivere. You're always helping us out, so I think it only fair." Cheshire turns to Myrtle with his characteristic grin. "Would you be so kind as to direct Bedivere to the cutlery? I imagine he needs-"

Before the Gastly can finish his sentence, a pair of grilling tongs mysteriously materializes in Bedivere's hands. "Oh, do not worry about that, my good man! I always come prepared, ohohoho~!" He turns to Myrtle with a gentle smile. "Perhaps you could show Sir Cheshire the safest place in which to burn his flame...? I would certainly not like to have the reputation as the guess who burned Master Keith's base down, ohohohoho~"

Meanwhile, Gemini finds himself struggling to decide whether or not he should use his thunderbolt on Vanth in an attempt to paralyze her. A true Thunderbolt would instantly KO the weaker Spiritomb, but perhaps a weak attempt at one would be enough to simply paralyze instead of remove all consciousness. Asking Vanth's forgiveness, the Weezing fires off as weak a Thunderbolt as he can muster; though the shock is unsuccessful at paralyzing Vanth, her eyes grow wide with pain and shock as the electricity flows through her corporeal body, thoroughly zapping her to the core. The sheer damage is enough to knock her out of the screams, though her eyes look dull and listless after the attack.

"Thank you, Gem..." Vanth murmurs, trying to recollect her thoughts after the electricity thoroughly scattered them. "Our numbers are dwindling, but very slowly, and... and the process is painful. They say it should have happened before we were born, in the egg, but... Something went wrong." Though Vanth's tone definitely changes over the course of her statement, it seems as if her personalities are in union over this fact.

Meanwhile, Liliana grins at Chuck's assessment of Peeves' afterlife behavior. "Peeves deserve happy afterlife. He good person deep down, even when alive," Liliana says in earnest. She then blushes profusely at Peeves' statement that Liliana was the best thing to ever happen to him. "That... that really true?" She laughs with embarrassment and a bit of pride. "We best thing to happen to each other!"

Keith admits that his team doesn't need any inspiration from their trainer to act in a way that Coselle jokingly refers to as "immoral", and adds that he purchased the bed for his base specifically with her in mind. The young woman gives Keith a dark, seductive smirk, and wraps an arm around him as he reclines on the bed beside her. "Is that soooo? Bold and presumptuous... I like it." Coselle cackles a bit. "Takes balls for a man to look a woman in the eye and say, 'I bought this bed because I want you in it.'" A flicker of softness comes through Coselle's eyes, though she does her best to hide it. "It implies a place for me here." Coselle smirks. "Of course, that means it's that much harder for you to get rid of me."

As Ginny approaches to ensure that Coselle was not a threat to her trainer, the dark-haired woman eyes Keith's Pawniard with an odd mix of amusement and irritation. Though Ginny tries to make an intimidating remark towards Coselle, the young woman is unimpressed by the attempts at instilling fear in her; rather, she appears even more determined to appear fearless in the face of this paranoid little Pokemon.

Murmur shakes his head, his temper beginning to flare once again. Yeah, yeah. I've heard the story a thousand times. Who gives a shit if he'll die for her, if he's not even the one that's dying?

Murmur turns away from Severus, tears beginning to form in his eyes. He tries to storm away, but being a Drifloon, he can only do his best to float away in the angriest way possible.

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