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Overwhelmed with curiosity about the emotions Bedivere feels, she asks him about their origins, secretly hoping (though tempering that hope with a healthy dose of cynicism) that they were regarding her. The emotions suddenly sink back into Bedivere's body, disappearing as if sucked into a vacuum, and Bedivere smiles serenely.

"They are feelings from the past... In the past, they should remain. But anything for you, my dear Lady Myrtle. I do hope you found them delectable, ohohohoho~!" Bedivere grins widely before making his way toward the kitchen, eager to prepare more food.

Meanwhile, Vanth grins at Gemini's complement of her name. "If you like it, then we like it," she says with a playful smirk. Then, without warning, she suddenly yells, "SINCE WHEN DO WE NEED HIS APPROVAL? ARCEUS DAMN IT, THIS SUCKS!" Vanth shakes her head violently, moaning as the voices once again begin a terrible argument within her mind. She looks to Gemini, her eyes pleading. "Do you... do you know a move that... that paralyzes? Paralysis... stops the voi- OH, SHE'S TRYING TO SHUT US UP NOW, HUH? WHICH ONE ARE YOU? I'LL FIND YOU, AND I'LL KILL YOU! No, please, stop it, AAAAH-" Vanth cries out in incredible pain, as it sounds like part of her very being is being destroyed.

As Liliana happily takes more cookies from the package, she is alerted to the sound of munching from the secret compartment. Peeves reveals that the source of the munching is the Gastly that Marion had traded to Keith, which introduces himself as Chuck, an old friend of Peeves'. Liliana extends her hand excitedly for a handshake. "Any friend of Peeves is friend of mine," she says with a huge grin on her skull-shaped face. "I Liliana, Peeves' girlfriend. Nice meet you!"

As Keith enters his bedroom, he finds Coselle in her typically gothic attire, reclining in a relaxed, yet oddly seductive pose on his bed, her earphones plugged firmly in her ears. The music that blasts at full volume into her skull is so loud that Keith can almost make out the lyrics, yet she somehow manages to hear him coming all the same. He cannot help but notice that she is wearing black lace gloves, presumably to hide the burn on one of her hands. She motions to the bed upon which she reclines, smirking all the while.

"A double bed, hmmmmmm? Not for your Pokemon, is it? I do hope you are not encouraging the couples in your party to act... immorally." She waggles her finger at him, giving him a sarcastic "tsk tsk" before laughing darkly, indicating the joking nature of her accusation. "Ah, but who am I to judge?"

Meanwhile, Murmur sighs as Severus asks about why her choices would bring her pain. Her powers... Her abilities as a Banette... The more humanity she has, the less she is able to do. She is becoming powerless. She is fragile... so fragile. Mortally fragile. If anything happens... Murmur grimaces. I probably have already said too much. Minerva tries to hide it all, to keep everyone from worrying, but I have seen, and I do worry.
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