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Bedivere glows with pride at Keith's comment. "Oh, I do hope you like them! They are indeed the very essence of homemade - I slaughtered the Miltank myself, ohohoho~" Bedivere chuckles, a contented smile on his face. It is difficult to imagine the small, jolly jellyfish slaughtering anything, let alone something as large and powerful as a Miltank. Then again, Bedivere had never really displayed his own strength, so it was difficult to tell what he was truly capable of...

Myrtle gives Bedivere a surprisingly warm greeting in contrast to her normally chilly attitude, which is responded to with equal warmness and enthusiasm. "My dear Lady Myrtle, why, you always seem to be the first to greet me. How do you do, my dear?" Bedivere chuckles. "Certainly, Keith must feed you, and yet... You always seem so hungry. Mistress Minerva tells me that the Shuppet and Banette feed on emotions. Oh, perhaps that is why you seem so hungry all the time! I should feel an emotion so that you can dine! Would that not be lovely? What would you like me to feel? I will do my level best to try!" Bedivere smiles, awaiting Myrtle's response.

Meanwhile, Vanth's expression takes on a bit of a know-it-all look. "I am told that the only smell to which humans cannot grow accustomed is the smell of sulfur." The grin widens. "There were some cultures that believed that Hell reeks of it, inspired by the smell of sulfur from volcanoes." Vanth's expression suddenly becomes annoyed. "What does that have to do with anything? How silly." The annoyed face lingers for a moment, before turning towards Gemini, beginning to look a bit confused. "Hm? Who are you?"

Liliana looks positively gleeful at the prospect of eating cookies. "YAAAY COOKIES! You sure it all right, Keith?" Liliana tilts her head, not wanting to be a bad guest, but clearly looking forward to cookies.

Cheshire chuckles at Keith's response. "I am certain you are aware of what I am referencing. You have that look in your eye; there will be plenty of time for games, I assure you, but in the meantime, humor me. Have you spoken with a Gastly before, Keith? Other than myself, of course..." Cheshire fades in and out of existence, giggling as he does. "Do you never think about developing that odd little quarter of yourself? You know... the one that's not all there?"

Murmur's eyes narrow further at Keith's firm resolution that he loves Coselle, and that Coselle loves him. Though Keith cannot necessarily understand what the Drifloon says, the comment is full of venom.

"Oh, calm yourself, Romeo," Cheshire says with a laugh, which immediately turns the ire of the Drifloon toward Cheshire. He squeaks with rage, which only causes the Gastly to laugh harder.

"Not in love, you say? Simply concerned for Minerva's well-being? There is only room for one fool on Marion's team, and that would be myself~" A jester hat suddenly materializes on Cheshire's head, with a little Jester wand appearing in one of his spectral hands. He gently bats Murmur on the head with it. "So stop trying to take my job."

The flurry of squeaks and breaths from the Drifloon is vicious despite its airy nature, which does not seem to phase Cheshire in the slightest. "Same to your mother, my good man! Now go play with Severus. You are being dreadfully rude, you know, swearing at me in front of him. He is one of our hosts!"

Murmur narrows his eyes, but decides it better not to get into it with Cheshire. Having recently learned Thunderpunch, the Gastly certainly had the upper hand, and besides, the more he fought, the more that people would accuse him of being in love. The Drifloon turns to Severus, sighing as if deflating.

I apologize, Severus. You caught me at a bad time. I am trying to explain to these simpletons here that Coselle should not be denying her true nature as a Banette! It is not good for her at all... yet no one will listen! Murmur quickly realizing that his voice is gaining momentum and anger, and so he tries to tone himself back down. My name is Murmur, the little balloon says quietly by way of introduction.
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