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Looks like my boss monster is Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend.
It's okay, I guess, with the hand trap support. But it's still really limited compared to...Cosmic Blazar Dragon.

You might ask, why run this, and make it a boss? Well I don't have much options for threats, and it's the strongest, easiest high-level Synchro to access.

I can run x2 Yuki Usagi and E-Teleport with it (the best ratio), with a combo like:

Tatsunoko (3) + Librarian (4) + Yuki Usagi/Junk Synchron (3)

Or on the opponent's turn:

Needlefiber into Formula (+2)
Another Formula + token = Tatsunoko
Librarian (5) + Tatsunoko (3) + Formula (2)

Not good combos, very weak and flimsy...but I got nothing else.
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