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Ghost Girls stopped being Psychic because of E-Teleport, right? I'm disappointed that despite Jack featuring in Arc-V, he got no good cards. If there was a decent 2 Tuner RDA monster, I could run two Yuki Usagi and use both to protect myself.

As-is, I'm pretty satisfied with the main deck in spite of it lacking the power cards I crave (x3 ROTA, Super Poly). I don't even need Heavy Storm or Harpie's anymore. But there is no payoff. There's a lot of Synchro madness without a boss waiting at the end, so even if my plays go off I have trouble winning games. Omega + Dark Law really isn't that scary. Not compared to last year's nightmare fields where the only out were kaijus or Interrupted Kaiju Slumber.

I've got two setups I'm not sure which is best:

Graff + Hand Destruction
Yuki Usagi + E-Teleport

The pro with the second is, deck thinning + hand trap + emergency Synchro. The bad is E-Teleport is useless if the one target is gone. Needs at least a 1x2 ratio that I can't afford without ditching Farfa.

The former is good for searching Farfa consistently (send Graff, summon Farfa, Farfa suicides and banishes). However, the payoff isn't very good still, and Hand Destruction is just to make my Shaddolls live. It doesn't do anything for Catsiths or protection like a Solemn Strike would.

Hedgehog + whatever didn't work. In nearly 20 games, I never took advantage of Squamata - Hedgehog - Squamata/Beast. It's a good idea in theory that might have worked last year, and already works into the synergy, but poor in practice. The ideal mini-Shaddoll engine remains 2/1/1.
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