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More testing:

1. Fabled Catsith works better against meta than non-meta. Because its effect is mandatory, for slower decks that rely more on sets, I can't explode very quickly.
2. The floating is amazing good, way better than any other incarnation of this deck I've ever had. But in exchange, there's a heavy focus on targeting destruction, versus non-targeting banish which my old deck focused on.
3. Hard cap on offense: it's Omega, Stardust Dragon, Dark Law. No more Quasar, Trishula mega loops.
4. At blaze's suggestion I've dropped Calcab in favour of Shaddoll Hedgehog. A second Level 3 non-tuner is essential for Tatsunoko plays into Coral Dragon, and while Hedgehog isn't searchable, it synergizes better with the other Shadolls than the unsearchable Burning Abyss.
4. Perhaps most importantly I can't explode anymore with HanJanDo. Due to the following scheme:

Junk Synchron summons Hanewata
Doppewarrior summons itself
Summon Needlefiber, sending...Junk and Hanewata?
Needlefiber summons Junk from deck
Summon Accel Synchron? Sending Jet Synchron (-1 level)
Summon Librarian, Summon Jet Synchron (-1 discard)
Summon Formula (+2)

This was, previously, my backup method for summoning when I didn't have a Level 1 tuner...which is exactly what happens when I summon Needlefiber. Needlefiber floating helps, but it's still a hard -2 otherwise.

Also, the Level 3 tuner ghost sisters are annoying, but because I have SO MANY GRAVE effects now, they're not as obnoxious as they would have been pre-Links.
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