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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Cloud Garden - Stone Shrine
Lunar New Year Festival

Year of the Dog
*Note, this does not count as your activity, but please claim a treat for your favorite puppy!(or their evolution) One per trainer. These treats give +2 bond and +1 level*

Fortuitous Food Stalls
The smell of food wafts throughout the Shrine, but its overwhelming once you walk down the aisle lined with vendors. Huge dumplings, baskets of freshly picked berries straight from the Rose Garden, and all kinds of baked goods are proudly on display. And the best part? It’s all free! Vendors call out that their food will bring you great fortune this year, will make your Pokemon super powerful, or even make you insanely famous. It seems like a stretch, but everything definitely looks delicious.
It was Lunar New Year, bringing memories back to Alice from the other world that she had once resided in. Everywhere she went, decorations hung from lamps and buildings; red and golden blessings glued on and etched on doors and walls. It was the year of the dog, so not her year, but the Poochyena at her side was certainly delighted about it.

Maram suited the other time of year, too, given the unusual marking on her face. Plenty of kids were staring, taken in by the bright pink of the canine's fur and the heart-shaped patch around one of her bright yellow eyes. Alice had dressed to match the aesthetic, too. Her long blonde hair had been tied up, bangs framing her made up face; an ornate comb set in to the elaborate updo. The kimono she wore was a light shade of purple, patterned with blossom petals and tied with a yellow sash. It was a little difficult to walk in compared to the easy clothes that Alice was used to, but at the same time, it was a rare occasion to dress up like this and the trainer was obviously enjoying herself. How could she not? Having spent the day playing with the 'fireworks', making her prayers for the coming year and getting Maram her treat from the Lycanroc, it was time to peruse the food stalls.

"Aww, yes, sign me the fuck up." Alice said, keeping her voice low enough as to not corrupt the surrounding children, but loud enough for Mara to catch it and snort. Her trainer was perfectly loving (as she should be), but she was typical as ever. They all knew that dumplings in particular were a weakness, and given that she tended to be a messy eater, this was going to be something to behold. Not to mention, all these calls of magical food to bring fame (the attention seeking idol in her screamed) and fortune and power was just adding to this mess.

"Okay. You first, baby girl." Alice cooed. She went to one of the more meat and berry orientated stores, collecting a plastic container to use as a makeshift bowl for Maram. Her Pokemon was excited and grateful, saving her human a spot on one of the benches as she dug in to her meal. Alice, meanwhile, picked out an assortment of appealing dumplings; some cold noodles and a shredded and spiced potato side. It was seemingly too much to eat at once, but damn would the lady try. An expert with chopsticks, she laid some paper on her lap and made a start on the dumplings as they were hot. The sounds that Alice made were quite frankly bordering on inappropriate-- but food was her love.

"Arceus, yes." Alice nodded, glossy lips pursed in approval. Maram sniffed, and any crumbs that fell she lapped up, her fur now tinged with berry juice. No doubt after her trainer was feeling sickness and regret, she'd go and pick up even more for the road given that there were no baked goods or sweets in her hands yet. Young dogs could learn new tricks, but this trainer, well... It took her a lot of mistake-making before she did, apparently.
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