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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Cloud Garden - Stone Shrine
Lunar New Year Festival

Year of the Dog
*Note, this does not count as your activity, but please claim a treat for your favorite puppy!(or their evolution) One per trainer. These treats give +2 bond and +1 level*
Madoka’s Midnight Lycanroc, the more intimidating Lulu, sits near the main shrine building next to a sign.
“The following Pokemon may receive a special gift. Homemade with all natural ingredients (taste tested by Lala and Lulu). May it bring you luck and strength in the new year!”

Below the sign is a large bowl filled with bone shaped treats, wrapped in a charm made of red string. Lulu is drooling so much there is a puddle on the ground in front of her. Madoka promised her that she can have any leftovers, so she is keeping a Keen Eye to make sure nobody takes more than one.
Fortuitous Food Stalls
The smell of food wafts throughout the Shrine, but its overwhelming once you walk down the aisle lined with vendors. Huge dumplings, baskets of freshly picked berries straight from the Rose Garden, and all kinds of baked goods are proudly on display. And the best part? It’s all free! Vendors call out that their food will bring you great fortune this year, will make your Pokemon super powerful, or even make you insanely famous. It seems like a stretch, but everything definitely looks delicious.

I don't remember there being any hounds around here.

The Lunar Year. Tate had been meaning to get more acquainted with the lunar calendar; it seemed as good a way as any to measure the passage of time; probably less arbitrary than the Jellian* calendar, anyway.

Last time they had been in the Cloud Garden, it had been a frozen hellscape and everyone had almost died. Both Tate and Pouli were visibly uneasy, the cold air of late winter only serving as a reminder of the longest two days of their lives. With them was Ho‘olālā, a Poochyena who had only recently come under Tate's care. The festival had sounded like a good excuse to get the new addition out of the house and socializing.

Ho‘olālā sniffed the air as they wound their way up the path, towards the brightly lit festival grounds. He lagged behind his trainer and teammate, Tate chatting away idly at a creature who could not respond in any meaningful way, and Pouli listening obediently because that's the kind of creature she was. They passed by a small stall near the entrance, where a Midnight-forme Lycanroc was standing guard over a tray of festive biscuits. Tate's first action was to coo over the Alolan species, offering her a hand to sniff before taking note of the sign explaining that they were free to take. Picking up one of the treats, Tate offered it first to Pouli, who sniffed it once before turning her nose up at it. Tate shrugged.

"Fine," The trainer murmured. "Want one, Ho‘olālā?"

The Poochyena was less picky, accepting the biscuit after only cursory inspection and wolfing it down whole. Tate snorted and straightened, thanking the Lycanroc before moving on. The walkways were packed with trainers, a great deal of them having -- like Tate -- brought canids with them. Now and then, the trio would pass a familiar face.

"We should get something to eat," Tate mused. The biscuit had put thoughts of food in the trainer's mind. "Pouli, you hungry? Ho‘olālā, I bet you could eat."

Pouli made a thin, whining sound that Tate recognized as being an affirmative. Ho‘olālā cocked his head, as if contemplating the assertion. Finally, he yipped. Tate lit up -- this was communication!

"I hear all the food is free, so... we'll try a little of everything," Tate decided, spirits high. Pouli's thin black tail cut the air as it wagged. They began to head towards the food stalls, Ho‘olālā still lagging behind.

OOC: Giving treat to Ho‘olālā the Poochyena. Visiting Fortuitous Food Stalls.

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