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Cloud Garden - Stone Shrine
Lunar New Year Festival

Madoka swept the last bit of dust off the shrine and the last drop of sweat off her forehead. She had completed all the preparations for the Lunar New Year Festival, and just in time too. A bark from one of her Lycanroc and the sound of people coming up the long stairway signaled that it was time for the event to begin. The young shrine maiden hurried to the shrine gate to welcome the guests, wishing them happy new year and chatting with the ones she was more familiar with. Lala the Midday Lycanroc sat by her side, wagging her tail and letting children pet her.

The Stone Shrine was alight with lanterns and decorations in the traditional, auspicious red. Signs glittered with characters symbolizing luck, wealth, and general good fortune for the new year. The grounds of the shrine were soon packed with celebrating visitors and their Pokemon. There were plenty of activities for people of all ages to enjoy, but the way the crowd was flowing through the Shrine, it would be hard to get to everything before the ceremony ended with a huge fireworks show.

Fortuitous Food Stalls
The smell of food wafts throughout the Shrine, but its overwhelming once you walk down the aisle lined with vendors. Huge dumplings, baskets of freshly picked berries straight from the Rose Garden, and all kinds of baked goods are proudly on display. And the best part? It’s all free! Vendors call out that their food will bring you great fortune this year, will make your Pokemon super powerful, or even make you insanely famous. It seems like a stretch, but everything definitely looks delicious.
"Year of the Dog already?" Asked Isaac, mostly to himself. It seemed weird how fast life moves, he himself was born on the Year of the Dog and it was telling of his age to see it already roll around again. He sighed to himself, where was the time going? He had wasted a significant portion of his time in a blissful state that he hardly remembered his late teenage years nor his early twenties. He supposed it was okay, not like he was getting any younger at this rate. Besides, he had found some new happiness and maybe considering it was another year of the dog, he could finally have some good luck this year.

He noticed a display for dog treats for dog Pokemon, unfortunately for him he didn't have a single dog Pokemon. He had some foxes, but he was quite sure that they didn't make the cut. Speaking of foxes, he couldn't help but feel his heart soar seeing how motherly Vinny had become in such a short period. She hadn't been home with Ahri for very long, she was already chasing after the small Eevee around every corner. What that little brown beast lacked in size, she certainly made up for in spunk. He always assumed Vinny was small, but seeing the tiny Eevee kick up dust and get into mischief made him realize truly how early she was born. Her large brown eyes and freckled face, coupled with that sinister grin made Isaac laugh. Although Vinny may be a little more mature now, Ahri was already shaping up to be her mother's mini me.

As they walked along, Isaac could hear Vinny's usually high pitched voice turn stern, giving a low "Leaaf..." Every time Ahri strayed too far from himself or her mother. Isaac giggled to himself, the new look for Vinny certainly wasn't unwelcome but it was quite funny to observe. Considering how prized Eevee's were on the back market, Isaac knew for a fact that Vinny was just being careful. One moment Ahri could be sniffing at a weed in the ground, the next moment she could be shoved in a sack and never seen again. Parenting must be scary, not that he'd know or probably ever find out. At least Vinny was happy, that was all that mattered. As he continued to walk, he felt a tug on his pants. Vinny had paused, her paw holding down her rambunctious daughter's tail. She gestured towards a bountiful looking food stand.

Isaac's eyes lit up instantly, he could hardly believe his eyes seeing the mountains of food that were piled on the table. A small sign with Chinese characters lay next to the food, although Isaac couldn't read it, he presumed it said 'free' as this was also laid out in English below. He could almost feel his mouth beginning to drool, he hadn't eaten yet today, the morning had been too busy for him and he got distracted by his garden. His hands instantly landed on some Chun Juan, a personal favourite of his from when he had toured throughout Asia. He passed Vinny and Ahri each a small Nian Gao, knowing that they were a favourite of the small Leafeon. Meanwhile, Ahri just poked and prodded at the strange object that was placed in front of her.

Isaac smiled looking up at the sky, wondering what this bright new year would bring him.
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