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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Cloud Garden - Stone Shrine
Lunar New Year Festival

Madoka swept the last bit of dust off the shrine and the last drop of sweat off her forehead. She had completed all the preparations for the Lunar New Year Festival, and just in time too. A bark from one of her Lycanroc and the sound of people coming up the long stairway signaled that it was time for the event to begin. The young shrine maiden hurried to the shrine gate to welcome the guests, wishing them happy new year and chatting with the ones she was more familiar with. Lala the Midday Lycanroc sat by her side, wagging her tail and letting children pet her.

The Stone Shrine was alight with lanterns and decorations in the traditional, auspicious red. Signs glittered with characters symbolizing luck, wealth, and general good fortune for the new year. The grounds of the shrine were soon packed with celebrating visitors and their Pokemon. There were plenty of activities for people of all ages to enjoy, but the way the crowd was flowing through the Shrine, it would be hard to get to everything before the ceremony ended with a huge fireworks show.

Year of the Dog
*Note, this does not count as your activity, but please claim a treat for your favorite puppy!(or their evolution) One per trainer. These treats give +2 bond and +1 level*
Madoka’s Midnight Lycanroc, the more intimidating Lulu, sits near the main shrine building next to a sign.
“The following Pokemon may receive a special gift. Homemade with all natural ingredients (taste tested by Lala and Lulu). May it bring you luck and strength in the new year!”

Below the sign is a large bowl filled with bone shaped treats, wrapped in a charm made of red string. Lulu is drooling so much there is a puddle on the ground in front of her. Madoka promised her that she can have any leftovers, so she is keeping a Keen Eye to make sure nobody takes more than one.
Fortuitous Food Stalls
The smell of food wafts throughout the Shrine, but its overwhelming once you walk down the aisle lined with vendors. Huge dumplings, baskets of freshly picked berries straight from the Rose Garden, and all kinds of baked goods are proudly on display. And the best part? It’s all free! Vendors call out that their food will bring you great fortune this year, will make your Pokemon super powerful, or even make you insanely famous. It seems like a stretch, but everything definitely looks delicious.

Please choose 1 activity to take part in. Responses must be posted by February 15. RP-optional. Bond is not obtainable from this event. You’ll receive one update including your prize on Lunar New Year, February 16.
The Lunar New Year Festival- this was a new one on Keith. The year what followed the departure of the old Elite Four truly brought about a lot of change, including new celebrations such as this. Of course, never one to turn down a chance for fun, festivities, and free food, Keith was there.

"Ehhh," groaned the Meowth on Keith's shoulder, keeping a wary eye on the fierce-looking red Pokémon guarding a large bowl full of bone-shaped treats. "We can skip dat one, right?"

"Oh, relax, Meowth," grinned Keith, producing a Heal Ball off his belt. "It's not even for you. I say we let Cotton go for this." And he tossed the Heal Ball up. "Cotton, come on out!" he exclaimed.

In a flash of light, Keith's Slurpuff appeared on the ground. "Sluuurpuff!" Cotton exclaimed. And of course, his truly excellent nose clued him in to the presence of the treats. As the Slurpuff turned around to face the bowl, Keith foresaw a potential catastrophe and took immediate action to prevent it.

Keith picked up the Slurpuff, turning him around to face his Trainer, holding him up so they were at eye level. "Take. One," Keith said slowly and clearly. "Behave, Cotton, and there's a Pecha smoothie with your name on it when we get home."

"Slurpuff puff Slurpuff!" Cotton nodded eagerly. He never was one to actively try to cause trouble, much as his appetite tended to get him into, and the thought of his absolute favorite beverage proved sufficient incentive for him to take one treat and one only, though did not stop him from giving the remainder of the bowl a longing look for a moment before turning around and heading back to Keith, who had been admiring the Midnight Lycanroc- truly a cool Pokémon, Keith thought.

Following this, they hit up the food stalls. Cotton was salivating at this, especially at the notion that it was all for free, but miraculously, he managed to restrain himself from going crazy and devouring everything in sight- evidently, the promised Pecha smoothie was still on his mind. That didn't stop him, of course, from taking some food- it was free, after all, so no sense in not taking anything. Keith, likewise, went for whatever looked and/or smelled good to him, not wanting to miss out.

There was a lot more going on- fireworks displays that encouraged visitor participation, and some sort of fortune deal- and if Keith had that kind of time, he'd have checked all that out as well. Alas, this was not the case, but by no means did Keith consider the day wasted.

OOC: Letting Cotton the Slurpuff take one of the Year of the Dog treats, and he, Keith, and Meowth will also be checking out the Fortuitous Food Stalls.

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