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Not really looking to ZA myself.
This zone is open to anyone willing to ZA. They will have full creative control of the zone as well.

Voltbreak Valleys
The Thundering Frontier

Across the ocean lies a vast expanse of land, unkempt, untamed and, until recently, uninhabited. Rough lands of sharp cliffs and unforgiving weather have battled one another over the course of centuries to form this impressive landscape of canyons, valleys and open ranges. Brave souls have ventured to this new frontier to settle at the fertile lands of the Voltbreak River in the hopes of starting a new life. Hope has persisted for those who have fortuitously managed to sustain a new life in this place. Their civilisation quickly grew as new pilgrims entered their lands and sought to explore further to carve their own home in these lands. The inhabitants spend their time in races and competitions as each tries to carve a place of their own in the new frontier. The wildlife itself have been both curious and suspicious of the newcomers, as many of these Pokémon have never seen a human being before.
But not all is well, as outside the tranquil green valleys lie thundering plains and deserts wracked by sandstorms. Rich in resources that are ready to be claimed, but hazardous for any who try. It is by no coincidence that these new lands with little authority have bred an exhausting amount of outlaws who will stop at nothing to claim for themselves what others have made. The meek and timid are quickly transformed to hardened gunslingers who will not turn cheek when bandits hammer at their door. Prosperous fortune lies in wait for the lucky, and disastrous consequences for those who dare to go too far. Where will you stand?

Galvand Grasslands
At the centre of the land lie the richest of plains and most exultant of people. The victory that proved new life was possible in the land. The area is characterized mostly by its rich pastures and buzzing cities on the inside and the open ranges on the outside. Most citizens tend to be carefree as life has been rewarding to them in the new lands. Those who live on the borders know a different fate, as they’re aware of the lands outside their valleys and the people who have grown accustomed to them.

Everpeace Prairie
A hopeful name given to the rich valley of lush grass and smooth hills, and one it has maintained over the course of time. The first place to be settled in these lands, many of the first towns and ranches were established in this area among the meandering Voltbreak River. The curious wildlife of the area have taken an interest in the newcomers and remain friendly to many travellers.

Everpeace Ranches
Dotted around Everpeace Prairie, some ranchers have taken to fencing off a piece of land for their own. Most are welcoming to the pilgrims that travel through, though some remain distrustful of strangers in their lands and will chase them off when they can. Despite the vast number of these ranches, rivalries are far and few between as most tend to specialize in a specific breed of Pokémon; Miltank, Mudbray, Rhyhorn and others. This has led to most neighbours engaging in regular trade. Spats for resources and land perimeters are rare occurrences, though they may still occur from time to time.

Silver Star City
The largest of the new settlements. Many will find their first port of call to be the newly founded, thriving establishment of Silver Star City at the rich meandering banks of the Voltbreak River. Basic goods and medicine can be found in the various stores, as well as some luxury products. The locals are friendly and eager to help one another, as hostile influences are warded off thanks to Clearvale Fort.

Silver Star Arena
The pearl of the frontier towers on the outskirts of Silver Star City. Ranchers gather here weekly to show off their prize Pokémon and wares or engage in trade. Many prefer proving their Pokémon’s superiority in competitions hosted regularly on the open grounds of the arena. Races between Rapidash, Zebstrika and Rhyhorn, strength competitions between Bouffalant and Tauros, and even friendly shows of Herdier, Growlithe and Poochyena are all exhibited at this local gathering point.

Wildrock Savanna
Beyond the Everpeace Prairie the land starts transitioning from fertile grasslands to barren deserts. An open range where many farmers and ranchers freely herd their cattle to graze on the open fields. The wildlife is a mixture of shy but cunning Pokémon hiding in the shade, and stampedes of violent brutes. This vast expanse of land stretches beyond the horizon where its borders meet the badlands to the west and the wastelands to the east. Dry heat in the day and chilling winds at night have discouraged many from travelling far north where no civilisation exists.

Clearvale Fort
Nestled on the Voltaic Trail between the Diglett Peaks, a bastion of strong-minded individuals maintain the peace at the borders of the Galvand Grasslands, shielding them from the outlaws of the neighbouring wastelands. The Voltaic Trail passes through the fort, ensuring travel can be blocked if needed. Bounty hunters and Pokérangers gather to use the Fort as their base of operations for hunting criminals and protecting the local wildlife. And many will have jobs and bounties for trainers looking for work.

Whistling Wastelands
So called for the constant sound of thunder that rolls in from the Shatterstorm Fields and the howling winds from the Aurum Desert. Far from what its name suggests, most of these lands contain rich fertile soil that would rival even those of the Galvand Grasslands. However, the constant barrages of thunder strikes and desert storms loom everywhere. Those who wish to try to find their luck here are often called risk seekers. The lucky few who manage to find their fortune become eccentric and protective plutocrats, but most will find their finances and spirit broken in a manner of days. Many end up resorting to a life of crime to make a living, becoming cattle thieves, highwaymen and bandits to supplement their perilous lives in these lands.

Stillrest Plains
Along the Voltbreak River but stuck between the two extreme climates of the Shatterstorm Fields and Aurum Desert, the Stillrest Plains are often battered brutally by their neighbours. Quite a few settlements have managed to establish themselves in the area, though not all end up prosperous. The environment can prove a challenge to many settlers, but will reward richly those who prevail. Many a soul has been defeated by these lands, and are now looking to inflict their pain on others out of necessity and self-interest.

Steelbarrel Settlement
The largest and most reviled settlement in Stillrest Plains. Saloons, cafés and stores can be found easily, but quite a few of the town’s buildings have long since been abandoned. Those that do remain in business have exchanged owners more than once, not always peacefully. It would be a rare occurrence to find a building that still has its original owner. While crime remains rampant, it has never managed to gain the upper hand, yet. With no dedicated law enforcement, the bold rule this land. And outlaws are not uncommon.

Shatterstorm Fields
Towards the northern borders lies a vast grassland of both sand and shrub, enshrouded in a near-permanent state of thunderclouds and lightning bolts. Ancient legends have it that a Pokémon is responsible for this perpetual climate. The sand itself has been reduced to a fine dust as a result, providing it a permanent static charge. Many travellers have been discouraged from coursing these lands without proper preparation. Only the hardiest can manage to find a home amongst the lightning bolts that seem to strike the ground with every passing minute.
Some Pokémon may evolve as a result of the natural electric charge in the area.

The Red Fingers
A misnomer, as none of the local monoliths are even remotely red. The original name for the place was ‘The Fingers of Regirock’, before locals decided to shorten it. So called for the dazzling view of rocky pillars that seem to come out of the earth like a giant’s hand; thin quartzite monoliths dotted around in a landscape of larger cliffs. When the weather from Shatterstorm Fields permits, Sky Trainers enjoy using the terrain for battle. When it doesn’t, thrill seekers can be found doing the same. Stay aware, many territorial birds make their nest in these cliffs and will attack anyone who comes too close.

Lucky Town
Now only a rundown, decrepit shell of what it once was. A large group of settlers had once managed to establish a thriving town in the Stillrest Plains, proving to the world that life in the area was possible. Only months later, when a band of travellers passed through, was the town found to be deserted. No clues were left behind as to where the villagers had gone to or what had become of them. There were no signs of struggle and their fortune had remained prosperous. Soon thereafter, stories spread of the town being cursed with sightings of ghosts and moving shadows. Some took these stories to heart, while others brushed off the noise of curses. But even the non-superstitious can’t deny its ominous presence, and have kept a clear distance from the place. To this day, the town has remained abandoned, as no one dares approach. And the question still remains as to what has became of the original settlers.

Aurum Desert
Towards the southern border lies a cracked land of few resources and means, and plagued by sandstorms. Many of the people who have established a home amongst the dunes tend to be prospectors and miners in search of gold. The various caves in the land contain rich veins of ore, but none of them gold, causing tensions to rise between the distrustful settlements. The metals that do exist are useful only to the more technological advanced societies, and as a result the inhabitants are forced to engage in trade if they wish to live.

The Saltspit Mines
The richest and largest in terms of tunnel depth. Precious metals and valuable gems can be found that can make any man’s dream of riches come true. All except for those who have gold on their mind. Many Pokémon have made a home in these tunnels long before humans arrived. The constant intrusion of the miners has made many of them hostile to humans, and cave-ins have become more and more common as a war brews between the prospectors and the local wildlife.

Boldore Badlands
The Boldore Badlands’ most iconic features are the rocky outcroppings that dot the land, many seeming to take on a rough shape of a Pokémon if one stares long enough. But by far the most impressive is Crustle Canyon; a miracle of geography made by thousands of years of harsh winds and whitewater rapids. The canyon can be explored either on foot through the gorge, or by water across the Voltbreak River.

The Stone Barrens
A small stretch of desert separating the area of the Galvand Grasslands from Crustle Canyon. An amazing view of hoodoos, buttes, arches and mesas mark the land with easy reference points for crossing. Don’t let the impressive sights fool you. The clear sky combined with dry heat can make crossing this plain a challenge. For this reason, most prefer taking the longer route along the Voltbreak River. However, many adventurers and pilgrims consider the crossing to be a true test of grit and determination, and certain circles hold high respect for those who have taken the challenge on foot.

Coreflint Crater
Located in a remote section of the Stone Barrens lies a giant, desolate crater of grit and pebble. Mysterious sightings of strange creatures have been reported, though most attribute this to mirages caused by dehydration. The large meteor responsible for this scene lies at the bottom of the ravine, and gives of a strange presence.

Stonewater Outpost
A small establishment set up at the perimeter of the canyon right between the Voltbreak River and Crustle Canyon’s pass. Most utilities will have to be brought over from neighbouring settlements. Adventurers may stay the night at the tavern if they wish, before deciding to trek through the canyon. Many of the local ranchers set up shop near the area to rent out their Pokémon for travel and even provide guided tours.

The Golem Gorge
A narrow, zigzagging trail past sharp cliffs. Rocks fall here more often then elsewhere, and many strong, violent Pokémon make their nest in the area. Tour guides hired at Stonewater Outpost tend to avoid this Gorge when they can, though cave-ins at the other passes may make this part of the journey inevitable. Many proud people therefore sell themselves as guards and protectors to the more gullible folk.

Wingbeat Valley
Nestled deep within the confines of the canyon, a large green valley rests peacefully in harmony with the denizens. Many young and naďve Pokémon live in the area, undisturbed by the quarrels of man. But so do vicious and strong Pokémon who act as the protectors of the land and will ward of anyone who threatens to harm the place and its denizens.
Players must have travelled through Golem Gorge to reach this place.

Voltbreak River
Further downstream, the river cuts through the rocky cliffs of Crustle Canyon. One may take a lazy trip down these waters on the back of Pokémon to witness the miraculous sights of nature’s centuries of work, though one must always stay wary of falling boulders caused by the endless erosion and the occasional rapids that form at the dangerous bends. The river forks into many paths, mostly safe and a few treacherous. One would be wise to steer clear from these last few. Strong water Pokémon may make their home here and are not accustomed to seeing people in their waters.

The Wailord Waterfall
Deep in the belly of the canyon, the Voltbreak River joins up with a gargantuan waterfall and the basin it creates. A towering height of white water cascading off the yellow rocks into a cool, tranquil lake. Many people visit this place to marvel at the wondrous sight and to take a swim in the deep, refreshing waters. Many friendly Pokémon make their home in and around the lake, and will often approach humans themselves.
Players must have travelled along the Voltbreak River to reach this place.

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