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Zone Admin Elections (September)

Zone Admin Elections

The swamps of Le Marecage Noir have been drained, and New Fizz City is slowly devolving to Bedlam as both are or will be closing their gates soon.
This has left a zone-filled hole in the heart of Fizzytopia, distressing the youngsters and angering the veterans.
Expert trainers all over the land have been called forth to take on the mantle of exploring and managing a new location.
Ladies and gents, trainers of all ages, let's create a new zone!

Current Status: Zone Applications
Current Status: Zone Admin Nominations

The way Fizzy Bubbles now stands with its updater pool, we can afford to open up 1 new zone. With the new changes to how zone rotation works, this new zone will not be considered seasonal. Rather, all zones will be held under scrutiny during our tri-annual reviews and based on that we'll close zones and open new ones.
The proceedings for this zone election will be held in a similar way to last time. Votes will be cast in favour of a Zone Admin, not a zone. The moderators (Sandaa) will take all votes into consideration and make the final decision themselves. The new Zone Admin ultimately has the final decision as to which zone they'll be taking up. The community may cast a ballot in favour of a specific zone, but these votes will be advisory mostly. We’re looking for a responsible leader who is willing to spend a portion of their free time maintaining their new zone; hiring new updaters, firing old updaters, managing updater's workload and ensuring all adventures proceed routinely by having their updaters work together.

We will first only open the floor to zone applications. Later in the month, we will also open up the thread to Zone Admin nominations.
The elections will be held in a similar vein to moderator elections. That is to say, the community will be able to give their input and final vote on the candidates, and the moderators (Gary) will take these into advisement and make the final decision themselves. Because this is a Zone Admin election, and not a Zone election, keep in mind whether you want to retain exclusive rights of ownership of a zone you submit or whether you’re willing to have someone be its administrator in your stead. In case of the latter, you’re free to partner up with a ZA nominee you trust to moderate your zone. In other words; one player can submit a zone and have a second player apply to be its Zone Admin. The minutia of the partnership – eg. Who has the ‘creative’ control? – is to be decided between the two players beforehand. Understand though that the elected Zone Admin is the one who'll be held responsible for its daily operation.

1. Players may submit a zone in this thread for preview until 21st September, 11:59 PM GMT.
2. When submitting a zone, and willing to relinquish control of it to another player should you not be nominated, please state so.
3. Players may also nominate themselves for the position of Zone Admin in this thread from 8 September, 12:01 AM GMT until 21st September, 11:59 PM GMT. Please keep Zone and ZA applications in separate posts!
4. When possible, please state which of the newly submitted zones you’re comfortable running if given a choice.
5. Votes for a Zone Administrator may be cast from 22nd September, 12:01 AM GMT up until 30th September, 11:59 PM GMT.
6. You must send a PM to Sandaa with your single vote for ZA candidate along with a preference for a zone, should you have any. You may not cast a vote for yourself. ZA candidates are expected to provide a vote!

7. The winner will be announced on On 1st October, 12:01 AM GMT after which the zone may be put up on the UPN branch.

Zone Rules
* The choice of zone is ultimately decided by the winner of the Zone Admin election.
* The zone will be on the UPN Forums.
* The zone will go up on 1st October, 12:01 AM GMT.
* The zone will be evaluated during the tri-annual reviews of January, May and September.


Zone Admissions

Zone Admin Nominations
(Note: While most, or all, candidates might be willing to host any zone, I will only be showing their preferences in this list.)
  • Lil'twick
    1) Arcane Realm
    2) Arboreal Cradle
  • Raves
    1) Voltbreak Valley
    2) Arcane Realm
    3) Arboreal Cradle
  • TheKnightsFury
    No Preference
  • Heather
    1) The Kingdom Below
    2) Arcane Realm
    3) Arboreal Cradle

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