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Le Cimetičre des Cœurs Oublié


A wry smile crosses the woman's delicate features, though it's difficult to say whether she's charmed by your pleasantries or amused by your boorish facade. Placing a delicate hand atop her companion's head, she considers the question, as if she cannot quite recall the answer.

"...Amelie," she says, finally, in a slow and laborious manner as if the name were wighty on her tongue. She looks to the Frosslass with a tired expression, beginning to pet her in a fond manner. "My name is Amelie, Mister Balmund. This, as I as I have mentioned, is Yuki. She is quite the darling, is she not?"

For a moment, she seems lost in her own adoration for her Pokémon, though it does not take long for her attention to return to you. "You have fine taste in Pokémon. My father insisted Ghost-types were unbecoming of a lady, but then... Father said a great deal many things."

Offering Iskra one last pet, she ushers her back to her trainer, wry smile growing more genuine. Whatever peculiarities this strange woman hides, it seems she had bonded with you in this very small way already. Pulling her coat around herself, she contrasts against the white backdrop of snow clad in the brilliant red wool, and she pulls so much focus to herself that you almost fail to notice that the mausoleum from earlier -- the one to which the letter was pinned -- no longer seems to standing to your left despite having been there only minutes ago. Amelie does not seem to notice the sudden disappearance.

"Tell me... Mister Balmund," she continues, tone airy, yet languishing. "What brings you here, tonight?"

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