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Originally Posted by 134 View Post
Le Marécage Sacré de Celebi
Marais Noir is shrouded in dark clouds seemingly endlessly, but there is one place for which the sky is always clear: the sacred swamp of Celebi. Though the water is dark with tannins, it doesn't ever seem to stagnate. It's cool to the touch, with a pleasant, earthy smell. Thick trees, seemingly older than time itself, grow from its dark depths, with gharled trunks and twisty roots which jut up at odd angles. Here, a plethoral of Pokémon can be found of all sorts of types; Bug, Flying, Grass, Water -- even some Poison types call this ethereal swamp their home. Named for the Mythical Pokémon Celebi, there is a legend that this area thrives so beautifully in such an otherwise dark and murky place due to the influence of the Time Travel Pokémon, and that causing harm to the sacred swamp will result in bad fortune. Locals often bring offerings of food in respect to theland and to Celebi, hoping for blessings and good favor, and even perhaps a chance to meet Celebi itself. Please reply in SpringGreen.
"The sacred swamp of Celebi," Keith remarked. He preferred to refer to it as this, rather than risk horribly mangling its proper name- Keith was not one for speaking foreign languages very well. Or at least, not human foreign languages- anyone who knew him for more than a little while would surely know of his fluency in Shuppet language. Alas, "Le Marécage Sacré de Celebi" was French, not Shuppet. "What do you think, Meowth?" he asked the Normal-type on his shoulder.

"I'm tinkin' my opinion ain't gonna change much, considerin' we's headed dere already," Meowth pointed out. "But why dis place? It don't sound very poisonous. Youse is more inta places like da Plague Swamp on Venom Island, I thought?"

"Usually, yeah," Keith nodded. "But don't you remember, Meowth? I met Celebi once," he reminded the Scratch Cat Pokémon. "The Forest of Adventure. Remember, she took over the body of a Tentacool who had died because of the feuding between the Tao of Rose and the Tao of Thorn? I told you all about it."

"Oh, yeah," Meowth nodded. "Alright, dat makes sense, den. Ya tink we'll get to see Celebi?"

Keith shrugged (nearly jostling Meowth off his shoulder in the process). "Who can say?" he responded. "Legendary Pokémon aren't exactly the most predictable of sorts. Maybe we will see her- I'd kinda like that. But in any case, I'm thinking we'll do like the locals, bring Celebi an offering. Even if it's not gonna make her show up, I'm hoping she'll accept it as my thanks for the Rose Incense she gave me, and also for stopping that fight before it destroyed the forest," he added.

"Ya gots sometin' wat says tanks fer dat sorta ting?" Meowth inquired.

"Only time will tell, Meowth," said Keith, as he headed onward. "Only time will tell." He had with him a specific berry he intended to give as an offering to Celebi- even if she didn't require his thanks, he wished to give it nonetheless.

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