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Oů les Palétuviers se Rassemblent
Simply known as 'where the mangrove trees gather', this innocuous sounding area on the coast is not for the uninitiated. A wall of mangrove trees stand between the wetlands of Marais Noir and the sea, but the tide is unforgiving and the storms are frequent. Locals advise against visiting without at least a strong water-type on hand, but foolish people have done foolish things. Here, strong Water-types can be found, some of them quite ancient and quite territorial. Cases of whirlpools appearing have been rumored, though the cause of which is unknown. There have been a number of deaths here of unprepared trainers who underestimated the ferocity of the seas on the other side of the mangroves; caution is advised. Please reply in DeepSkyBlue.
Since returning to Fizzytopia, Gary had heard stories about an area to the north that the locals called ‘Le Marais Noir,’ or ‘The Black Marsh.’ It was an untamed wilderness of swampland where there were rumors of shady dealings and sinful activities taking place. However, this wasn’t what caught Gary’s attention. He had heard of a thicket of mangroves that was supposedly home to a bevy of strong water-type Pokemon.

Despite being advised against travelling to this mysterious mire, the chance to study some strong marine life in such an inhospitable environment was too great to turn down. The final warning Gary had received was that trainers who travel to this area better have strong water Pokemon on hand, or else they might not be able to handle the raging whirlpools, so he made sure he brought all of his water Pokemon for this particular journey.

Also accompanying Gary on this expedition was his trusted Ninjask Shuri, one of the first Pokemon he had met on his journey to become a Pokemon trainer. Shuri and Gary had been through many battles together, and the speedy cicada was an adept scout; darting amongst the trees before returning to her trainer’s side every few moments. Whenever she got tired she would perch on Gary’s back. The deeper the two travelled into the marsh, the warier Gary became of any dangers lurking below the depths.
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