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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
Patches: Your destination seemed off, you had wanted to attend one of the brightly lit festivals nut instead you were faced with a large decrepit manor sitting in your wake. Something felt wrong, but you couldn't quite place it. Little did you know, your sinister little Eevee, who wasn't exactly a fan of festivals had altered the map purposely, leading you to wherever you are now. Perhaps it was done out of spite, or maybe the young Eevee just wanted to explore. Whatever the case, your destination had been altered drastically.

Your Eevee feigns innocence, but your Pikachu knows this act all too well. She glares at the Eevee, who's only response is a large smirk. He knows fully well what he's done, and he certainly isn't about to fess up to it. In his eyes, he hasn't done anything wrong, besides save the both of you from the wretched clutches of that festival. Meanwhile, oblivious to your Pokemon, you are still baffled. Festivals usually take place outside... so why was this one being held in a manor? It still seemed so odd. Your Pikachu tries to explain the truth as best as she can with her inability to speak in a language you understand, she assumes you understood what she was attempting to tell you. But rather, you assume the opposite, and run headstrong into the strange manor. If the party isn't out here, it has to be in the basement of the manor, right?

As you push on the large double doors at the entrance of the manor, they swing open with ease, almost as if someone was welcoming you into the house. The doors make a small clanging sound as they bounce off the walls closest to them. You glance around, the manor is dusty, filled with cobwebs, and appearing as though no one has been inside of it for years. There's some awful smell coming from somewhere, but your nose can't place which area of the manor it's coming from. Oddly, despite the dust and the cobwebs, the lights seemed to have turned themselves on as you arrived. Maybe the jesters of the festival were waiting for you to arrive? It seemed like an odd sort of greeting, not actually showing themselves but opening the door and letting you in. But, maybe that was just part of the fun. Almost like a hide and seek game.

Your first goal is obvious, find the basement of the manor. If your assumption was correct, the festival should be some sort of interesting underground festival below the manor. Unfortunately, you aren't exactly sure where the basement could be located, considering how many rooms you were already able to observe as you walked in. You decide to go towards the left hallway first, it seemed like a cold air was coming from that direction, perhaps from a basement door that was left open. As you walk in that direction, you swear you hear some sort of noise, and that smell from earlier is getting stronger. As you approach one of the many doors you notice some sort of smoky tint upon the outside of the door, along with deep gashes on it's surface. It almost looked like someone, or something was attempting to claw it's way into whatever room that was. Taking a deep breath, you also realise that this is the room that the smell was coming from.

Part of you wants to open the door and see what's beyond it, but the other half certainly wants to steer clear of it... What do you do?
"Ughh!!" Patches groans as she squeezes her nose. Her Pikachu Mio is frantically searching for her pokeball so that she can return herself to it. Patches pulls Mio away from the pokeball and places her back on her shoulder. "Oh come on, if I have to put up with this then so do you." The smell is almost unbearable yet for some reason Kiku seems completely unfazed and actually appears to be having the time of his life while running up and down the hallways. 'This place is so dusty and that smell is horrible! I feel bad for the people running the festival. They must be so busy that they haven't been able to clean up their house. I guess this just means that I should help them!' after thinking about it for a while Patches decides that she should help and reaches into her bag and pulls out a napkin. "Until I find their cleaning supplies this napkin will have to do!" She gets to work swiping at cobwebs and wiping away dust while also trying to find the source of that smell.

She suddenly feels a chill coming from the left hallway. When she glances over she can see Kiku happily prancing down that particular hallway without a care in the world. 'That has to be where the festival is, but I haven't finished cleaning yet!' She quickly follows after Kiku to make sure he doesn't go to the festival without her. "Kiku!! You need to wait-" She is cut off by a sudden noise and is beginning to feel nauseous since the smell seems to be getting even stronger. Kiku has stopped outside of a door so she quickens her pace in order to catch up with him. Once she reaches the door she notices the smokey tint and deep gashes all over it. "Oh, what do you suppose those marks are from? Looks like we're going to have to get them a new door too." She looks at the very overused mangled napkin in her hand and sighs. 'It would seem that cleaning this place is going to be harder than I thought.' The nausea is starting to become too much and she gets ready to take a seat on the floor but stops when she realizes that the smell appears to be coming from behind that door. Kiku puts his little paws on the door and glances back at Patches with a pleading look. Mio immediately jumps down next to Kiku and begins to protest. "No, Mio. Kiku's right, if we're going to get this place clean then the most important thing is taking care of that smell." Kiku gives Mio that devilish smirk and Mio has just about had it with him. Patches, having made up her mind, is now reaching for the doorknob so that she can attempt to get into that room.

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