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Le Manoir des Mensonges
The natives say it's the 'Manor of Lies'. It's stood on the edge of la Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs for hundreds of years. Legend holds that a wealthy matron once owned it, and lived deep within its many chambers with her beloved twin Liepards. No one can say for sure what happened, but it's rumored that one day, a pair of delinquents took her beloved Pokémon and did something truly cruel, never to returned. The story does not stop there, however, for they say soon after the teenagers fell ill and died; the city -- then just a village -- revolted on the woman, certain she must have cursed the boys in revenge. Burned at the stake, some say she rose from the ashes right there in the town square and returned to her house, which was never sold, for no sensible person would wish to live in such a cursed abode. It sits now, in surprisingly sturdy condition, mostly untouched from all those many years ago. A popular spot for thrill-seekers, dark-type Pokémon seem to have taken to the ambiance and are in no short supply in this cobweb-filled, musty old manor. Some even say the old woman still lives, deep inside the twisting hallways and innumerable rooms... Please reply in Teal.
"This doesn't look like any festival I've ever been to." Patches repeatedly looks back and forth from the map in her hand and then at the large manor before her. "According to this map this is definitely the place though..." What she doesn't know is that the wrong place had been marked on the map this entire time. Of course, the Eevee named Kiku that had been walking beside her all day knew from the very start, since he's the one who marked it. Kiku isn't very fond of festivals so he just decided to erase the original mark and replace it with one he made randomly and couldn't wait to see where it would take them.

"Eeee." Kiku yawns and acts innocent. However, the Pikachu named Mio that has been riding on Patches shoulder all day knows that yawn all too well. "Pika!" Mio glares at Kiku who immediately proceeds to give her a mischievous grin. "It's just that festivals usually have a lot of people don't they? And aren't they usually outside?" Patches had put the map away and is now just staring at the dark abandoned manor in confusion. "Pikachu! Chuuu!" Mio begins to explain to Patches that Kiku messed with the map. Unfortunately for Mio, Patches only seems to accurately understand what she's saying about 20% of the time. This time, was not one of the 20%. Patches slams her fist into her palm as she finally puts all of the pieces together. "Wow Mio you're right! It should have been obvious to me from the very beginning!" Mio proceeds to nod in agreement once her trainer has made it known she knows this was all Kiku's fault. "Yes! Like you said, there is obviously a special underground festival that is being held in the basement of this manor! This is going to be so cool! I've never been to an underground festival before!" Patches begins to sprint toward the doors of the manor.

"Piii!?!?!!" This is not even close to what Mio had said. In fact, Patches is currently doing the complete opposite of what Mio wants to be doing, just how oblivious can her trainer be? This place has done nothing besides give off some seriously creepy vibes ever since they've arrived and now Patches is literally sprinting to get inside of it. It's clear that Patches hasn't been feeling what Mio has been feeling this entire time. The closer they get to the doors, the more unsettled Mio gets. It's almost as if an unknown aura is telling her that they really shouldn't be there. "Chuuu!! Chuuuu!!" Mio tries to stop her trainer but once Patches makes up her mind about something it's just no use. Meanwhile, Kiku is in front of Patches leading the way while occasionally looking back with a huge grin on his face. "Shhhh!! Mio you're yelling in my ear! I know you're excited but I'm running to the doors as fast as I can since I'm trying to race Kiku and he's clearly winning!"

Kiku abruptly stops just outside of the doors and Patches stops there soon after. "Looks like you won, Kiku." She leans down and pets the proud little Eevee on the head. "Alright! Lets waste no more time!" She loudly bursts through the doors and shouts "To the festival!!" and storms her way into the manor.

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