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Originally Posted by 134 View Post
Le Cimetière des Cœurs Oublié
They call it the Graveyard of Forgotten Hearts, and very few dare to visit it these days. A few miles outside of the city proper, it was once the place where most of the citizens of Marais Noir interred their dead -- until the tragedy. One night two young lovers stuck into the cemetery and -- burdened by the knowledge that their feuding families would never give blessing to their union -- hung themselves in the branches of the largest tree on the grounds. Now abandoned and derelict, it serves as little more than a horrible reminder to the people who call Marais Noir home. The gates stand unlocked and the graves, all of them above ground in family mausoleums, are mostly unkempt and abandoned. Ghost type Pokémon are drawn to the despair which permeates these grounds, and some even say the heartbroken couple still wanders, looking for the peace never afforded to them in life. Please reply in DarkRed.
“You must be feeling quite at home here, aren’t ya, Iskra?” The young Shuppet giggled with glee in response. It was the first time Duke had taken her to a proper graveyard, and while she had plenty negativity to feed off from back at home given the daily bickering between the dragon tamer’s Sceptile and Seviper, it paled in comparison to the sheer tragedy of death that permeated every square inch within the area. It would do nicely, Duke had thought. He had almost no experience raising Ghost-types, but he figured if Marion, a specialist on ghosts, could do such a great job with her Dragonite, then perhaps raising a Shuppet would be within the realm of his own possibilities too, and maybe in the process he would gain some sense of insight and understanding as well.

It wasn’t all for the sake of his Shuppet however. Legends told of the unfortunate though almost poetic death of a young couple, doomed by their own families to suffer under the spell of a forbidden love. It was an archetypical story, which is what made it so relatable, and though the graveyard has long since been abandoned, its echoes would still ripple across the ages. Heartbroken souls... What would it take for them to find a reprieve from torment? Perhaps if he were to look further into it, he might find some answers regarding the troubles of his own heart. Just perhaps…


The young Shuppet startled Duke right up on his face, vying for his attention and urging him to follow along. There were just so many places that were calling her name. Over here! No, wait, down south! Scratch that, it’s thaddaway! It has to be thaddaway!

“Hah! You really are like a child in a candy store!” Duke chuckled in amusement. “Well then, lead the way. Take me to where the unknown beckons, and we’ll see how expensive that candy of yours is.”

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