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Sneasel Le Marécage Noir: The Black Bayou


Le Marécage Noir: The Black Bayou

Known as the 'Black Bayou,' Marécage Noir is a series of wetlands on the north western tip of Fizzytopia, which includes marshes, swamps, and even a thicket of mangroves which stand between Marécage Noir and the coastline. A wide variety of Pokémon call the relatively untamed wilderness home, while a city stands at the heart of it all, known far and wide as a bastion of revelry and sin.

La Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs - The City of Jesters and Thieves
The City of Jesters and Thieves, as it has come to be known, is a place of celebration and a place of woe. Often alight with festivals, the city is a place where good food, good drink, and fine company can easily be found. Be wary, however: there is no shortage of crime here. Pickpockets and thieves roam the streets looking for easy marks. Gamblers and con artists are eager to take the unsuspecting for all that they have. Perhaps because of the constant excitement and trickery, Psychic Pokémon gather here, feeding on the energy of winners and losers alike. The constant excitement is enough to turn anyone on their head. Will you try your luck here, at la Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs? Please reply in Goldenrod.
Le Cimetičre des Cśurs Oubliés - The Graveyard of Forgotten Hearts
They call it the Graveyard of Forgotten Hearts, and very few dare to visit it these days. A few miles outside of the city proper, it was once the place where most of the citizens of Marécage Noir interred their dead -- until the tragedy. One night two young lovers stuck into the cemetery and -- burdened by the knowledge that their feuding families would never give blessing to their union -- hung themselves in the branches of the largest tree on the grounds. Now abandoned and derelict, it serves as little more than a horrible reminder to the people who call Marécage Noir home. The gates stand unlocked and the graves, all of them above ground in family mausoleums, are mostly unkempt and abandoned. Many of the stone structures are covered in a thick bed of moss. Ghost-type Pokémon are drawn to the despair which permeates these grounds, and some even say the heartbroken couple still wanders, looking for the peace never afforded to them in life. Please reply in IndianRed.
Le Manoir des Mensonges - The Manor of Lies
The natives say it's the 'Manor of Lies'. It's stood on the edge of la Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs for hundreds of years. Legend holds that a wealthy matron once owned it, and lived deep within its many chambers with her beloved twin Liepards. No one can say for sure what happened, but it's rumored that one day, a pair of delinquents took her beloved Pokémon and did something truly cruel, never to returned. The story does not stop there, however, for they say soon after the teenagers fell ill and died; the city -- then just a village -- revolted on the woman, certain she must have cursed the boys in revenge. Burned at the stake, some say she rose from the ashes right there in the town square and returned to her house, which was never sold, for no sensible person would wish to live in such a cursed abode. It sits now, in surprisingly sturdy condition, mostly untouched from all those many years ago. A popular spot for thrill-seekers, dark-type Pokémon seem to have taken to the ambiance and are in no short supply in this cobweb-filled, musty old manor. Some even say the old woman still lives, deep inside the twisting hallways and innumerable rooms... Please reply in Teal.
Le Marais Sacré de Celebi - The Sacred Swamp of Celebi
Marécage Noir is shrouded in dark clouds seemingly endlessly, but there is one place for which the sky is always clear: the sacred swamp of Celebi. Though the water is dark with tannins, it doesn't ever seem to stagnate. It's cool to the touch, with a pleasant, earthy smell. Thick trees, seemingly older than time itself, grow from its dark depths, with gnarled trunks and twisty roots which jut up at odd angles. Here, a plethora of Pokémon can be found of all sorts of types; Bug, Flying, Grass, Water -- even some Poison types call this ethereal swamp their home. The sun is seemingly always shining here. Named for the Mythical Pokémon Celebi, there is a legend that this area thrives so beautifully in such an otherwise dark and murky place due to the influence of the Time Travel Pokémon, and that causing harm to the sacred swamp will result in bad fortune. Locals often bring offerings of food in respect to the land and to Celebi, hoping for blessings and good favor, and even perhaps a chance to meet Celebi itself. Please reply in SpringGreen.
Oů les Palétuviers se Rassemblent - Where the Mangroves Gather
Simply known as 'where the mangrove trees gather', this innocuous sounding area on the coast is not for the uninitiated. A wall of mangrove trees stand between the wetlands of Marécage Noir and the sea, but the tide is unforgiving and the storms are frequent. Locals advise against visiting without at least a strong water-type on hand, but foolish people have done foolish things. Here, powerful Water-types can be found, some of them quite ancient and quite territorial. Cases of whirlpools appearing have been rumored, though the cause of which is unknown. There have been a number of deaths here of unprepared trainers who underestimated the ferocity of the seas on the other side of the mangroves; caution is advised. Please reply in DeepSkyBlue.
Château du Roi Fou - Castle of the Mad King
Legends say that over a thousand years ago, Le Marécage Noir was a very different place - a vibrant land ruled by a gracious King from his extraordinary castle in the valleys to the north of the region. One dark day, the King suddenly became consumed with insatiable greed and gluttony. Ultimately, his envy consumed him, and his self-destruction became the catalyst of a great calamity that changed the course of Fizzby history. Now just a memory of an era long forgotten, the Castle of the Mad King has weathered the tests of time, offering sanctuary to Steel-types and some Dragon-type Pokemon - the latter of which they say are rarer, but are drawn to the Mad King's energy that still lingers to this day... Please reply in SteelBlue.
Les Catacombes des Abattages Sombres - The Catacombs of the Dark Ruination
The Catacombs are a vast and ancient network of man-made tunnels and caverns that span a large portion of the Black Bayou’s underground. Long ago, this large, dark labyrinth was used as a final resting place for both people and Pokemon alike, their skulls and bones lining the walls and ceilings of this dreary maze of darkness. Today, a small section of the catacombs under The City of Jesters and Thieves has been turned into a tourist attraction, but a recent discovery has found that at least over 95% of this subterranean labyrinth has been untouched by human hands for hundreds of years. Aside from rumors of gateways to other realms, a recently discovered apocalyptic prophecy, and the Ground and Ghost-type Pokemon that now call this nexus of tombs home, what lies down here is a mystery literally shrouded in darkness. It would be wise to bring a Pokemon who can be a source of light… Please reply in DarkMagenta.

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