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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Missingno. Master: Abilities, crits and bonds, oh my! Moments before, the battle had looked dire from an outsider's point of view-- especially from the narrator's, who had been tempted to kill everyone on the boat about three posts ago at the very least. It seemed that the combined optimism of you and Keith had sent good vibes all around, and where Wishiwashi had been the contender to win seconds ago... Well.

The School Form took quite the beating, one that supported the Elite Four candidate claim through and through. The Merciless Mareanie, shining in the sunlight, flung through the air to land a ferocious bite onto the wriggling skin of the fish; her attack in support of Neville's nasty venoshock. The big boss was wailing and growling in a gross manner almost like something being strangled. It truly did sound demonic in nature, but it was nothing compared to the sound it made next. Even with the aqua ring continuously healing it, the damage being taken was just too much, and Pisces' strike was overkill. Your Pokemon were certainly making you proud (and shocked). The same could be said of Jack, who watched the Basculin in awe.

The cannon of water was strong enough to send the Wishiwashi back some distance, but it did more than that. The monster seemed to fizzle, cracks of white-blue light beginning to form as if a vase were shattering. In a mass of foam and water, the individual Wishiwashi could be seen transitioning from a turqoise to their regular pale colour, falling apart into the lake like a dismantled puzzle. All of them were fainted, splattering beneath the surface. Wishiwashi was down! Jack 'whoo'ted in celebration, punching the air as he stood, earning a surprised jump from Aster. Aster and Pisces had both gained three levels, Meowth earned one, and as Aquarius rose from the depths to dump another bunch of items onto the deck, it was obvious that they had grown in the process, too (by two levels, to be exact).

“Thank goodness... Wow. I thought we were dead for sure.” Jack said. He doubled over, hands on exposed knees. The lake seemed calm now, the silence almost eerie in the near vicinity. Music could still be heard from the 'party boat' experience, but if they got killed by rabid fish then that would only serve them right at this point. “Thank you very much, everyone. You did a splendid job. Especially you, Aquarius, I wouldn't be here without you.” The fisherman added. Looking up at you, the man added, “Perhaps we should go back? Just for now, at least. We need to tidy the boat and make sure it's in good shape, and let these Pokemon regain themselves before we start another battle. I'm not sure my heart could take that.”

Do you go back, or do you YOLO it and go and grab a fainted fish or something?
Keith grinned- Neville had landed another Venoshock, Aster was dealing some serious damage with Bite, and now Pisces had unleashed Hydro Cannon of all things! The battle was looking more and more to be in his favor, and indeed, the Hydro Cannon caused the great beast of a fish to break apart into the multitudes of Solo Form Wishiwashi what that came together to form it. And every last fish was unconscious!

"All right!" Keith grinned. "Now that was awesome!" he stated, addressing his Pokémon with pride in his voice. Jack sighed in relief, remarking that he was sure they were dead. "Been there," Keith nodded. "This isn't the first life-threatening situation my Pokémon and I have made it through."

Keith's Pokémon looked rather satisfied with how things turned out, but none moreso than Pisces. She grinned her immense satisfaction at having dealt the blow that broke up the School Form. Then she turned her blue eyes to her Trainer. Basculin, as a species, were quite easy to overlook or underestimate. Hell, Pisces had met her fair share of fellow predators that had the distinct misfortune to mistake her for prey, as opposed to a fellow predator. But Keith, Pisces knew, always believed in her. Even against this massive Wishiwashi, when it seemed as though she was their best and only hope, Keith did not take this to mean that they were screwed. The Hostile Pokémon managed a small and decidedly not hostile smile, which Keith noticed and returned in kind.

Aster, meanwhile, had climbed back into the boat and was currently hugging Keith. As usual, of course, she had her tentacles carefully positioned so the poisonous spikes faced away from her Trainer. Which wasn't too hard- she and Keith had shared hugs in this manner since she'd hatched, she was rather used to the technique by now. And Keith was hugging the Shiny Mareanie back. Aquarius, meanwhile.. a Tentacruel has so little in the way of discernible facial features, but nevertheless, she managed to look modest and a little pleased in the wake of Jack's gratitude and praise. "Tentacruuuuel," she replied.

"Gaaalgeeeee," added Neville, likewise pleased with himself.

Not long afterwards, Jack voiced the notion that they return to shore for the time being. Tidy up the boat, let Keith's Pokémon rest up, and let the lake-dwelling Pokémon simmer down somewhat, lest another fight break out. Far too many good points for Keith to ignore. He nodded his agreement with the idea, though didn't look ready to head back just yet. "Just one thing first," he stated. Meowth sighed, seeing this coming a mile away- indeed, as Keith glanced around, looking to see if any of the unconscious Wishiwashi were still floating on the surface of the lake, he dug out of his backpack a Lure Ball, with the intention of throwing it at one such Wishiwashi. This encounter had intrigued Keith as much as it horrified him, and he knew that a Wishiwashi would be very interesting indeed to work with. "I'm all for heading back to shore ASAP, but if I can catch me one of these Wishiwashi real quick first, then that's just what I'm gonna do."

"Dis don't surprise me," Meowth sighed.

*Aster grew to level 18!*

*Aster grew to level 19!*

*Aster grew to level 20!*

*Pisces grew to level 16!*

*Pisces grew to level 17!*

*Pisces learned Crunch!*

*Pisces grew to level 18!*

*Meowth grew to level 25!*

*Meowth learned Taunt!*

*Aquarius grew to level 37!*

*Aquarius grew to level 38!*

*Keith used Lure Ball! (?)*

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