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Height advantage is A Great Thing (tm), certainly in this battle anyway. Seeing his opponent begin to shield himself with a reflective barrier, to block any incoming special blows, Regnum appeals to the cosmos to take down his foe. He whips his tail, spawning miniature stars from it, which pass straight through Buranimi's shield to batter her. It appears that trick won't work on this Luxray, who howls in triumph. Growling in frustration, Buranimi responds with a righteous Hadouken that travels across the distance between the two rapidly, grazing the lion who isn't quite quick enough to dodge the blast of a Mega Pokémon, though he is feeling a little fresher now... The Focus Blast wrecks the wooden dormer above Regnum, making it very clear just how powerful this Medicham is...

Regnum is grazing the final third now, but is quite fresh now, thank you very much. Buranimi is into the final third of energy, and just above the mid. Just about ok for a two.
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