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The Starly looks at the Cheri Berry dangling down and slowly hops over to it. It prods it with its beak, making sure that it is an actually berry and not some cheap knock off imitation. After several prods it accepts that the berry is in fact quite real, and grabs it. This is off to a great start! It devours the berry quite quickly, throwing away the stem once the last of the juicy berry was gone. It looks back at you, its face currently stained red from the juices of the Cheri Berry.

Now that it had had its feast, the bird pokemon cries out again, this time the cry is harsher, almost like an attack cry. It takes what looks like a fighting stance, or at least the best a small bird could do to make itself look like it was taking a fighting stance. Looks like it wants to battle, the berry wasn't enough to win over its favour
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