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(Apologies for taking so long to reply)

Phi struck the side of the Staryu, the weak Dark type move enough to Knock the water type Off balance. It doesnít take long for Staryu to compose itself, Phiís attack making it mad, well at least you think it might be mad now cause itís sort of hard to tell if something without a face has any form of emotion. It rushes forward, essentially doing fast cartwheels, and Tackles into Phi, throwing the psychic type backwards. Not wasting any effort, Phi retaliates with a Hidden Power, taking on a tan aura. A ball of energy, the same colour as Phiís aura, formed in front of him and shot forward, hitting Staryu right in the middle of its gem. Taking a couple of steps back, the shaky motions of the starfish showing that maybe itís gem was its weakness, Staryu fired a Water Gun out of its top most limb, the attack once again throwing back Phi.

You look over at your partner, the Abra showing some signs of wear and tear, but for the most part he is pretty good. Likewise, a glance at Staryu shows that itís still ready and capable of fighting.
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