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Alex had to dig out his trainer card to respond to the dispatcher. "Trainer ID, three oh seven, four three oh, niner two one. We're still at the lighthouse, heading to the ground floor."

...just ahead...

Alex nodded to himself. Even if his partner wasn't able to currently see it, he was glad to have an update, even though the researcher could easily hear the man's foot steps ahead. Even with Saul's slight head start, he hadn't made it far. He guess that even though that he himself wasn't in that good of shape, the worker must have been worse. Or was tripping over things in his panic.

As Alex rounded a corner, he saw Saul stopped right in front of him. Judging by his look, he was about to make his final stand. The man sent out a Staryu. Alex quickly scanned his own thoughts about what he knew of the starfish pokemon. A water type, genderless, but still organic. Favours ranged attacks and spinning. Can be difficult to put down. Phi's Ice Punch wouldn't hurt it much and Knock Off and Hidden Power were rather neutral. Still, with Phi's greater maneuverability, they had an edge-

Then Saul shouted that he didn't want his brother to see him in jail and launched his attack. Right at Alex. Surprised and mind still dwelling on the Staryu, he didn't have time to dodge the jet of water. The researcher took the full brunt of the attack and stumbled back a few paces. It felt as if he were struck by the spray of a fire hose. In the midst of the attack, the pokegear managed to be knocked out of his hand.

After the jet of water had finished, Alex quickly wiped his glasses with his sleeve to get the remaining droplets off. He took a quick glance around to spot where the pokegear had landed. It was still close by, but rather than dwelling on it, he turned to look at his opponent. "Attacking a trainer huh?" the researcher said, voice risen slightly hoping that the pokegear microphone would pick it up. He knew the device was designed to handle the harsh conditions that trainers could go through so a little water shouldn't bother it. He just hoped that the fall didn't cause the call to drop. "Yet another crime. You're not going anywhere." He was aware of the hypocrisy of the fact that he threatened to do the same earlier, but that was besides the point now.

"Phi get in there! Knock Off! Follow with a Hidden Power!" The Abra materialized off to the side of the Staryu and charged with a hand coated in dark energy. Hopefully the starfish pokemon would be blinded. Though then again, can a Staryu be blindsided? It had no eyes. So would it be blindsided no matter what side it was attacked from? Bah, wasn't important. Alex hoped that the Hidden Power would put the worker off edge. He wouldn't know what type it would be. Still it was too bad the Hidden Power was ground type, not electric or grass. Maybe if he convinced the Abra to follow pure logic, it would turn the psychic type's tan aura to yellow. Obviously not right now, but it was food for thought.

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