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Alex's sarcastic response earns a smirk out of the workman. It seems their relationship might prove itself easier than expected for someone as gruff as he looks. "Heh, the Abra backpack was a decent indication. Pretty realistic," he grins back at him, before gleefully taking the extended hand, and almost crushing the life out of it as he shakes. "Uh... Sorry bout that. It's nice to meet ya Alex. And you, Mr. Phi. The name's Saul; Saul Williams. Been workin' here for goin' on twenty years... But that's not important right now.

"See, we've got a bit of a problem at the minute," he says with a certain grimace. Alex notices that Saul seems uncomfortable with whatever he's about to ask. "Pokémon have been building nests in the Lighthouse lately. Starly, to be specific. And that's a problem; birds flyin' around everywhere, occasionally messin' with the equipment. They fly into power lines, and make nests in places they really, really shouldn't. I feel bad for askin', but we need someone to deal with them, if you catch my drift." His tone implies that he has a rather violent solution in mind... But could there be another way?

It seems Alex has a choice ahead of him. Will he assist Saul in clearing the Lighthouse of its infestation, or continue into the Lighthouse alone?

What will you do?
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