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Entry 1: Back to Beginnings

Alex stumbled a little as he made his way down the gangway onto the Olivine pier. It felt weird after several days a sea to be back on solid land, but it was also a relief. He was finally here. With a sigh he looked at the city skyline. While it was his hometown with the destruction and rebuilding, it was completely alien. He had hoped to find the site of his old home, but who knew where that would be now?

As he looked around the dockside he spotted a poster with the Pokémon League emblem on it. He went over and looked it over. It was announcing an incentive to new trainers in Kanto/Johto with all new trainers for the next month can pick up a free pokeball and TM at their local Pokémon Center. He figured that that was where he might as well start. He was a new trainer to the region so he may as well start somewhere. The Pokémon Center was also a vital destination for any trainer.


Soon arriving in the lobby of the Olivine Pokémon Center, he made a beeline towards the electronic dispenser. He scanned his trainer ID into the machine and scrolled through the selections before settling on a Dusk Ball and a TM Hidden Power. The Dusk Ball would be useful in dark places and half the day. And the majority of Pokémon could learn Hidden Power and it gave them options for more types. Also he’s done some research into the subject so he knew some of what was going to come out of it. Still, it would be best to try it out.

Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a pokeball. With a twitch of his hand he released the small fox-like Pokémon contained within who came to hover just above the ground. Alex crouched down in front of the Abra. “Hey Phi, we’re here. We’re in Olivine.”


“They were givin’ stuff away here so I picked up a TM of Hidden Power. How ‘bout we boot it up?”


Alex loaded up the TM into the TM case and then transferred the information into Phi. After a moment there was a chime that signaled that the process was finished. He gave a nod. “Ok then, give me a Hidden Power charge. Let’s see what type you’ve got.”

Alex watched as the Abra focused and conjured a few tan balls of energy that started to orbit his body. The man gave a smirk. “Looks like Ground. Ok, dissipate the energy.” The spheres fizzled out and Alex put the equipment into his bag. He then took out an old map to the Kanto/Johto region made before the rapid climate changes. Sure it was out of date, but it made some differences clear. And some similarities still existed and one was majorly upgraded here in Olivine.

He folded the map up and looked back to his partner. “I guess we’re headed off to the Lighthouse then. Let’s see what we can find.”


With that, the duo exited the center and headed towards the lighthouse.
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