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Originally Posted by OkikuMew View Post
Birthday Bubbles Bash Venue
FB Calendar

Trainer Birthdays

We all love our Pokémon, but you know who also needs some love time to time? YOU! You've walked all over the world, went through many adventures, trained along side your Pokémon... You should get a treat for yourself, too!

First, register with us the date when you want to celebrate your special day. (You don't need it to be your actual birthday – it can be any day you want to celebrate you! Only one day though, obviously.) Afterwards, just pick up your presents and enjoy your celebration!

Trainer Birthday Presents:
  • x1 Heart Scale
  • 1,000 Pokédollars
  • x5 Rare Candies
  • x2 Mysterious Gummis
  • x1 any Pokéball (available in the Department Store)
  • x1 TM
  • x1 Magical Party Popper: The Pokémon who pops it will learn the move Celebrate!
    • Celebrate does not work like in the core games:
      The user is suddenly encased in a colorful gift box. The Pokémon cannot move while in it, but the box becomes an effective yet fragile shield and bomb, all in one festive package: opponents attacking the box will see their attack's damage reduced by 30% and, while destroying the box, triggers an explosion of confetti and ribbons which causes a small amount of damage.
  • x1 Egg of your choice:
    • Birthday Egg: Guarantees to hatch a non-legendary Pokémon within the player's Memakyu!
      • If the trainer has less than 8 non-legendary Pokemon in their Memakyu (or does not have a Memakyu), the egg will act as an Enigma Egg.
      • Requesting shiny Pokémon in your Memakyu will NOT guarantee a shiny result.
      • The hatched Pokémon can be of any species within the player's whole Memakyu, no matter how it is split (i.e. for different trainer characters).
    • Type Egg: Guarantees to hatch a Pokémon who has a Type of your choice.
      • Choice of egg type includes: Classic Normal (Gen 1-4), Novel Normal (Gen 5-7), Fighting, Classic Water (Gen 1-4), Novel Water (Gen 5-7), Ice, Bug, Grass, Poison, Electric, Flying, Fairy, Ground, Rock, Steel, Fire, Psychic, Dark, Ghost, and Dragon.
      • Please make sure you declare the type you are choosing. If you don't declare one, the egg will act as an Enigma Egg.
    • Enigma Egg: Hatches any non-evolved, non-legendary Pokémon.

Kijo always thought that birthdays were for children.

Not in the sense that it was an immature celebration, of course. Who doesn't love gifts, adoration, sweet treats and parties? Kijo could appreciate these things, certainly. It seemed a pretty reasonable thing to her, you know, to want a day of your own and a reason to celebrate. This, apparently, was hers.

She had been in organized crime since she was a child - her birthday often got lost in the shuffle, with so many forged documents, false identities, and the Rockets themselves ignoring birthdays in favor of celebrating the day you sold your soul to their organization. For her, this was 08 April. She had thought this was her date of birth, too - that it was the promise of a Teddiursa for her birthday that pulled her in - but it was hard to remember now. It was as close to her birthday as she could get, and when the pigs in blue told her she had to be honest on her paperwork, she could only do her best.

Hey, it was close enough, right? She gave her nickname, a height only two inches too tall and a weight that she was sure was true no less than ten years ago. And if she said 08 April was her birthday, it was the truth as she saw it. She would stand taller, lay off the cheeseburgers and go to the Birthday Bash on the appointed date. She would approximate an honest life as best she could.

Even so, birthdays were for children. How exciting it is, as a child, to be another year older! Turning 11 was her favorite. It meant no longer being able to count her age with just two hands. A small, strange, yet significant joy in her life at that time. Now, every year past 25 was a year she sorely, desperately, wanted to rein back. And birthdays didn't mean getting older... they meant getting old.

It is these thoughts that haunt the thirty-something's mind as she practically smashes the door to the venue open, stomping through with the full weight of her large frame. The disgruntled beast attempts a smile that looks more like a sneer, as Bia the Stufful practically bounces in behind her. The flashy, festive world filled the Pokemon with wonder and joy - the intended effect, no doubt - and the little Pokemon could not help but selfishly think of how, eight days later, she would be back to celebrate her own day. But the day would come (as hard as it was for her to wait) - now was the time to celebrate Kijo day! And with the confetti flying and the harlequin attendants cheering joyfully, Bia herself cannot help but join in the chorus.

The sight of Bia's joy softens Kijo's expression a bit. She walks up to the counter and, with a deep breath, lists off her desired gifts... Hopefully, they wouldn't be displaying her age anywhere.


  • x1 Heart Scale
  • 1,000 Pokédollars
  • x5 Rare Candies
  • x2 Mysterious Gummis
  • x1 Luxury Ball
  • x1 TM Toxic, using to teach Bia Toxic
  • x1 Magical Party Popper, which I am using to teach Bia the Stufful Celebrate
  • x1 Egg of your choice:
    • Type Egg: Guarantees to hatch a Pokémon who has a Type of your choice.
      • Flying

Thank you!!

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