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Originally Posted by DaisyInari View Post
I've made some of the best and closest friends on UPN and hopefully next year I'll get to see a lot of them!

As little as you guys have seen me on here, I'm afraid it's only get worse as I start my college's nursing program in the fall ^^;
A year later and I can't believe that meeting my friends in real life is actually going to come true ;v; With about three weeks left to go the excitement just keeps getting higher! Nursing school is kicking my ass but I'm getting by, and even though I don't do much here on UPN anymore I still check the site every day ^^;

It's great how we still get new people that end up finding a home here, it makes me really happy~ I don't have much else to say since I've been doing this for a while and nothing important has happened really, but I just want to say thanks again to Kuno and everyone for being great friends <3

Sometimes I feel like I want to change my username to just "Daisy" but I dunno, I guess I'm not ready to handle that kind of change lol

Hi, I'm Daisy!

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