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Mudkip UPN Day #2 (though it's the third I've been around for)

What's up, guys? You may or may not know me, but I'm RealMrGame10, sometimes called RMG or Rhee. I had a three-four month hiatus last year, but returned around New Years. What to say? I know that prior to my extended absence, I was still maturing and didn't really understand responsibility all that much. Which isn't to say I'm a lot better now, but at least I'm self-aware! lol. UPN has always been a safe haven for me of sorts, not just because the people are super awesome human beings (though a lot of you are) or even because I always have fun doing forum things here (mostly ASB), but because we're all so diverse in interests despite being drawn together in a Pokemon forum, and I absolutely adore being able to hear from people in Australia, Great Britain, and people right here in my home of the United States. It's been an awesome year so far. Thanks for everything, guys. Here's to a great one to come.

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