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The Milk Bar - Legend of Zelda General

Hey there, and welcome to the Milk Bar! Can I get you a fresh bottle of Lon Lon Milk? It's BYOB, though. While you're at it, stay for a while and chat with the other Hylians: much takes place in these lands, and it is good to spread the wealth of knowledge. Perhaps you'll share a nifty adventure story with us, too!

After some searches and some help from others, I discovered that up until now, despite having many LoZ fans on the boards, we had yet to create a general thread for ourselves! Shame, shame, shame. Anyway, I figured it would be pretty nice to have a place for the fans to commune and be able to discuss in a more open environment. Here you may feel free to discuss the series itself, its characters and settings, individual games and spin-offs within the series, fan-based projects, art, or fics of any kind, speculation for future titles, or even that horribad cartoon that aired in the nineties. Well maybe not that last one. Mysteries abound in this beloved franchise, meaning there is always something to bring to the table, big or small. So sit down, relax, enjoy yourself, and take as many drinks as you like!
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Oh, and I almost forgot. That's 100 rupees a bottle, please. ~<3
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